More Health Insurance Talk

Liss, from Shakesville, asks her readers about their health insurance stories and gets pretty much the same type of answers that we received here.

Julia S., from the comments, sums up the reality of Health Care in the US:

The thing that is the horror that we live with in the U.S. is that unless you have a stable corporate or Union job with a company that pays for the good stuff, or you are completely poor and get Medicare and Medicaid which is a horror story all in it’s own, you are screwed. That leaves a very large number of people out in the cold. My husband and I make a better living income-wise than my father did, but we can’t afford to buy our own insurance. We live in fear of accidents and illnesses like people did back in the 1800’s. I am terrified of getting pregnant now – because we don’t have insurance OR the $10,000 to $15,000 that it costs to have a baby!!! Is this a great country where a woman has to live in FEAR of getting pregnant!?!

John is even more succinct:

I’m just a layoff away from disaster.