Las Vegas’ Skid Row

From Vegas Rex:

Homelessness is yet another skeleton in the closet of Vegas.

Las Vegas has an estimated 13,000 homeless people, which for a city of 560,000, makes us #1 per capita in the USA.

D.C. comes in a distant per-capita second at 6,000 homeless (at 581,000 people), and in 2007, Nevada as a whole had the second highest homeless population per-capita, trailing only the city of Washington DC.

This is something that you don’t see in the slick promotional ads.

Now, I get crap quite often for writing about these things.

“Tourists don’t want to see the gloom and doom side of Vegas.”

Perhaps the critics are right, but this is every bit as “real” a part of Las Vegas as the glimmering casinos. You can get the slick, shiny s**t in ten thousand other places, but if you want to see what goes on behind the facade, the choices narrow significantly.

This is where I sometimes come in … to the chagrin of many.

This is the truth, and this is what’s real. I like the beautiful side of Las Vegas as much as the next person, but I’m not a promotional arm of the city. In addition to the Blackjack tables, swimming pools, strip clubs, and shows … this is exactly what I see on a daily basis living here.