The 60 Topping Pizza

Reddit + Pizza Place + Twitter = The 60 Topping Pizza:

The comment got some attention from people in the Boston area, and finally reddittor lovewarcoffee discovered this local place that had 24 inch pizzas and ~60 toppings. Both lovewarcoffee and I had ordered from this place before (Pizza Ring is open until 4AM and delivers fast to Cambridge), but neither of us expected what happened next.

Someone over on the Pizza Ring team (Elison, to be exact) noticed the traffic he’d received from the link and posted about it on Pizza Ring’s twitter. They were really sold on the idea of making this epic pizza, and we were really sold on the idea aof eating it, so we had to do it FOR THE INTERNET.

The Last WWI Trench Warfare Vet Dies

Harry Patch:

I never knew Bob [Harry’s friend and gunner] to use that [Lewis] gun to kill. If he used that gun at all, it was about two feet off the ground and he would wound them in the legs. He wouldn’t kill them if he could help it.

[A German soldier] came to me with a rifle and a fixed bayonet. He had no ammunition, otherwise he could have shot us. He came towards us. I had to bring him down. First of all, I shot him in the right shoulder. He dropped the rifle and the bayonet. He came on. His idea, I suppose, was to kick the gun if he could into the mud, so making it useless. But anyway, he came on and for our own safety, I had to bring him down. I couldn’t kill him. He was a man I didn’t know. I didn’t know his language. I couldn’t talk to him. I shot him above the ankle, above the knee. He said something to me in German. God knows what it was. But for him the war was over.

He would be picked up by a stretcher bearer. He would have his wounds treated. He would be put into a prisoner-of-war camp. At the end of the war, he would go back to his family. Now, six weeks after that, a fellow countryman of his pulled the lever of the gun that fired the rocket that killed my three mates, and wounded me. If I had met that German soldier after my three mates had been killed, I’d have no trouble at all in killing him.