A Blog of an Abortion Clinic Escort Volunteer

These volunteers are heroes.

Hi, I am one of the Escort Volunteer Coordinators for the only abortion clinic in Louisville Ky. I have been escorting for almost 10 years and organizing for 6. Every Saturday Morning wonderful, brave, compasionate volunteers come out before the sun comes up to provide emotional and tactical support for women accessing Reproductive and Sexual medical care. We are a diverse group of people who all work together to make sure this resource is avaliable to our community. We are a decentralized group of autonomous individuals who come together to empower ourselves and others. This is the most effective and non-hierarctical work I have ever participated in and am constantly amazed at the intensity of it all. There are lots of days that I hate that this is even necessary, but it is. And we will keep going because Reproductive and Sexual Justice is essential to a healthy, empowered world.