Malia Obama Caught Wearing a Peace Shirt

Post updated 7/10/2009

A conservative blog exposes Malia Obama as the radical, prepubescent, sleeper-celled hippy that she really is:

Yes, that is Barry O’s oldest daughter in that picture with the t-shirt bearing a peace symbol and the article says is the symbol for an organization called Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

My question is, did mommy and daddy influence Malia or is Malia helping daddy make important national security decisions? My question for all of y’all is do you still doubt the radical views of your President in Training Pants?

Malia has only been around Barack for 11 years–yes, that is how old she is–which is hard to believe looking at these pictures, and yet we are expected to believe that people like Jeremiah Wright, whom Barack knew for 20 years, had no effect on his thinking.

Can you imagine the outcry if it was the Bush daughters wearing a shirt like this?

This is sound thinking and I dare anybody to disagree. Everyone knows that an eleven year old daughter of the president needs to be out in public wearing 2 M-60 ammo belts draped over a Don’t Tread on Me T-shirt while wearing Armor of God pajamas underneath it all. I mean, the peace sign? That’s like opposite of the war sign. Someone get her a 3WolfMoon T-Shirt stat.

(via Shakesville)


J-Walk went deep into the bowels of Wingnuttery inside the Free Republic and found some more discussion about Malia and the Peacenik Industrial Complex:

She has thrust herself into the public arena with a political statement. I am assuming that we can now expect a string of exploitative sexual jokes about her from David Letterman?

Looks like a bunch of ghetto thugs. A stain on America..

Please tell me this wasn’t taken over in Moscow.. Unfortunately this is the impression the rest of the world gets of America,

Poor kid, being raised like a radical.

Hey, I wonder if she has had sex with A-Rod yet?

we;’re being represented by a family of ghetto trash.

Looks like a typical street whore.

I wonder where she got the shirts? Seems her parents want to turn her into a walking propagandist. How exploitative is that?

As long as she understands that the symbol is a message of surrender, which, her dad (the lier he is, I would want to see a paternity test first) clearly understands.

Etc. etc.