Breaking: Name of Anti-Christ Revealed!

And it’s Baraq “U” Bamah. Phew. For a second I was afraid it would be Barack Obama. Wing Nut Daily has more on this:

“I want to emphasize I’m not ashamed of what I put there,” he told WND. “I’m not proclaiming he is the antichrist, or that I’m some kind of a Hebrew expert, but the word associations are indisputable. The Hebrew word for lightning is ‘Baraq’ and the word for heights or high places is ‘Bamah.'”

The movie has a prominent disclaimer stressing the film does not declare “BHO” [Barack Hussein Obama] to be the antichrist, but is merely pointing out the Hebrew words and their “striking” correlations to Jesus’ statement.

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You Can’t Please Everyone – The Graduate

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at The Graduate:

Let me see if I get this right about this “classic” film of the 60’s. Boy graduates from College, then has a torrid, sordid affair with his Dad’s best Friend/Business Partner’s Wife.
He then goes thru a phase of alienation with his parents. Then he breaks off the affair with Ms. Robinson in order to stop the marriage of her daughter. So that he can run off with her. There by by ruining Dad’s business and a marriage.
But on the plus side it has a great musical score. It sounds a lot like something out of Larry Springer to me. But then I could be wrong!

I was 21 when this came out, it was pointless then and still is.
Hoffman was no actor and still is not.

I don’t understand why everyone likes this movie so much. To me, it is absolutely the worse film i have ever seen. We saw it in my film study class and i just couldn’t even stand to look at the screen after a while. it is extremely boring, the script is the kind of funny that you get, but don’t feel like laughing at, the music is okay, but can’t salvage the movie, and the directing is just asking for people to fall asleep. i’m not someone who goes for meaningless movies, quite the contrary. however, i don’t see any meaning or symbolism in this movie at all, i think it looks like something that is a very bad, first attempt at filming. i could probably do better in my backyard with a camera. don’t watch it, it’ll be the worse, most boring time of your entire life! i wouldn’t even give it any stars, i’d give it negative stars if that was a choice!

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How is Nicaragua’s Ban on Abortions Going?

From The Guardian:

Nicaragua’s ban on all abortions, even when a woman’s life is at risk, is compelling incest and rape victims to give birth and contributing to an increase in maternal deaths, according to a report from Amnesty International.

Delegates from the human rights charity, who recently visited the predominantly Catholic country, say young girls subjected to sexual violence by family or friends are forced to give birth even when they are carrying their own brothers and sisters.

The report also says the law has led to a recorded rise in pregnant teenagers committing suicide by consuming poison.

The new penal code, introduced in July last year, enshrined the criminalisation of abortion, regardless of circumstance, with prison sentences for women who undergo abortions, and the medical staff who help them.

It also introduced criminal sanctions for doctors and nurses who treat a pregnant woman or girl for illnesses such as cancer, malaria, HIV/Aids or cardiac emergencies if such treatment could cause injury to or lead to the death of the embryo or foetus.

“There is only one way to describe what we have seen in Nicaragua ‑ sheer horror,” Kate Gilmore, Amnesty International’s executive deputy secretary general, told a press conference in Mexico City. “Children are being compelled to bear children. Pregnant women are being denied essential life saving medical care.”

And this:

Amnesty said the law goes as far as punishing girls and women who have suffered a miscarriage, as in many cases it is impossible to distinguish spontaneous from induced abortions.

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I Was a Taser Guinea Pig

From Danger Room:

First, they attached the metal probes to my hip, and to my sneaker. Then, two men grabbed my forearms, in case I fell over. After a deep breath and a final look, I gave the thumbs-up. That’s when Taser International chairman and co-founder Tom Smith blasted me with his latest stun gun, the X3.

It was brutal – like sticking your finger in a socket over and over and over again. I screamed in pain as he zapped me. I screamed some more after it was over. Then I cursed, and put my fingers to the bridge of my nose. “Kind of like hitting a funny bone,” Smith said. “Like a good workout.” Uh, not exactly. Five hours later, I was still tingling.

By the company’s estimate, Taser-wielding police and troops have blasted more than 750,000 men, women and children. On average, they received a five-second shock. Which means I got off relatively easy: Mine was just a one-second blast, at 19 pulses per second. The X3 can fire up to three sets of probes into a single target, generating 57 pulses per second. The company’s XREP wireless, shotgun-fired projectile can keep shocking for as long as 20 seconds. I guess there must be someone out there tough enough or crazy enough to take on that much punishment.

What I keep wondering is: Who would inflict that kind of pain? And under what circumstances? We all know that our tools change our behavior. Give us cars, and we’ll go new places; give us iPhones, and we’ll check our e-mail way more often. So when we hear stories about grandmothers and kids and handcuffed prisoners and even runaway sheep getting tased, I asked Smith, what does that say about the stun gun’s impact?