I Get Email

For the past few days I’ve been receiving emails similar to this one:

Hi Chris,

I love the site, have for some time now. Hope you are well. The reason I’m contacting you is, I seen an advertisement for Scientology on your site. I’m sure you’re aware of how *bad* this organization actually is. I don’t know if you have any qualms about who advertises on your site. Thought I’d let ye know anyway, I’m not asking you to remove it or anything, just struck me as a strange ad to see on your logical, funny, cynical site.

Thanks for the blog,

I’m posting this because I’m sick of repeating myself about advertisements so the next time I’m asked about it I can just point to this post.

Google Adsense is context based and matches ads based on keywords. So on a post about how Mohammed was a pedorast, you may see an ad for Muslim singles. On a post about how God has killed millions more than Satan, you may see an ad for a Christian organization. On a post about vomiting up copious amounts of fruit loops and bile, you may see an Ann Coulter ad.

Adsense does allow you to block these ads which I haven’t done for the following reasons:

1. I’ve become ad blind and no longer look at the ads on my site.
2. If I started blocking ads that I didn’t agree with, I’d spend more time than I care to lose on blocking each individual ad.
3. I’m fairly certain that pro-religious ads aren’t going to do much swaying of a regular reader on this blog.

4. The ads have no effect on the content. I don’t check a list of advertisers to see if I’m going to offend one with a critical post.

So the only viable solution in removing all the ads that I don’t agree with is to remove Adsense. Advertising revenue is what is used to pay for hosting the blog (And Cynikitty’s caviar) . And no, I have far too much traffic for a $9.99 a month shared hosting special that people email every time I complain about hosting costs.

So to sum up. No ads = no blog. (No, I’m not going to ask for contributions in lieu of advertisements).