Atheists Are No Different Than Religious People

At least once a week, I get an email or a comment that claims that there’s no difference between an outspoken atheist and an outspoken religious person.

Which is kind of like saying that there’s no difference between David Duke and Martin Luther King Jr. Just because people speak about their beliefs with the same amount of passion doesn’t mean that their beliefs are the same*. They’re confusing enthusiasm with substance in a tired argument made up entirely of rich creamy FAIL.

Now, if you want to amend the statement and say that atheists are as annoying as religious people with their constant rants and arguments then I’ll agree.

*Oh and how they’re different. If you don’t agree with a Christian they tell you that after you die you will burn for all eternity in a lake of fire. If you disagree with an atheist they’ll tell you, “Ok, sure. Care for some bacon?” (We can’t compete with eternal damnation when it comes to threats.)