Daily Dose of Ingersoll

The God of the Christian is an enthroned guess — a perhaps —
an inference.

No man, and no body of men, can answer the questions of the
Whence and Whither. The mystery of existence cannot be explained by
the intellect of man.

Back of life, of existence, we cannot go — beyond death we
cannot see. All duties, all obligations, all knowledge, all
experience, are for this life, for this world.

We know that men and women and children exist. We know that
happiness, for the most part, depends on conduct.

We are satisfied that all the gods are phantoms and that the
supernatural does not exist.

We know the difference between hope and knowledge, we hope for
happiness here and we dream of joy hereafter, but we do not know.
We cannot assert, we can only hope. We can have our dream. In the
wide night our star can shine and shed its radiance on the graves
of those we love. We can bend above our pallid dead and say that
beyond this life there are no sighs — no tears — no breaking

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Truth” (1897)