You Can’t Please Everyone – Let It Bleed

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at Let It Bleed:

What? They arn’t the best rock band in the world. The only rock
songs that rock are Start Me Up and Shattered. What’s the point?
They used to play punk back in the 60’s. They were never the best
rock band in the world. Or maybe they are, they are a great band
but they are way better than the Who. The Beatles suck!

I like to give my comants on this music. This music is really old and lacks the guts nowadays music has.
Also the group uses just tooo little synthesizers and sampled choirs.

My advice it is boring oldfashunned and lazy and honors you to live in a bad path.
even Emma Em saes he loves his daughter (although I am not a fan at all).

It is a huge joke that the Rolling Stones could make more than 20 albums in 40 years and each one of their albums suck horribly ever since 1964. They only made two good songs ‘Start Me Up’ and ‘Shattered’ and the rest of their songs stink! Their vocalist Mick Thornten wears his hair like a mohawk just can’t sing at all and uses makeup like a girl. Keith Richmond, their guitar player is the worst guitar player in the world ever who never took guitar lessons doesn’t know any of the chords,always out of tune and only two strings on his pink guitar. Willie Whatts,their drummer cant drum at all never took lessons and he was no comparison to drum greats like Lars Ulrich. Do not buy any Rolling Stones CD,they are the worst band ever besides Pink Floyd. Put Pink Floyd and Rolling Stones albums in the freezer. Mark Knopfler is 10 times better, get the Ragpicker’s Dream insted.

That’s because the Beatles already released and album called Let It Be. The Rolling Rip-Offs strike again!

The Rolling Stones sucks. Always did and always will.
Charlie Watts can’t play, please. Let’s be honest. He can’t play drums. He’s already dead sitting there. Keith Richard can’t play lead guitar either. Mick Jagger just be quiet. Bill Wyman, go to sleep and Brian Jones, well he’s ok. And unfortunally the only one worth it in that bad died young.

Don’t get any Cds by this awful band. The Who are wayyyyyyy much better, not to mention the Beatles and The Kinks.

st single record was named Move on, a lame effort to sound like shingles, which they were beyond a doubt.
But to call it evens after somany years would be ok.