You Can’t Please Everyone – Alien

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at Alien:

So, yeah, big cutesy designs and icing innards glowing green. Big Whup. Hey man, that alien would make a great bike. Real sleek, glistening design. Nice electric blue. Hold the acid juice, dude. This movie totally rips off Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Shame on whatshisface.

Any good sc-fi movies should have an meaningful and logical story, this is exactly what Alien lack. The CGI(if any) and special effect frankly not today’s standard which make this film nothing more than a piece of junk. I keep on asking this question when I watched this film: “If nobody came to this alien planet, how can the Aliens survive in the first place?”(This aliens are not intelligence enough to make any spaceship)If you looked for a film in similar genre I highly recommand you watch “The thing” instead. Alien is no more than the psychopath in “Friday the 13th” dressing in Alien suit. This film is just a waste of time and money.

i understand that this movie is considered a classic, but this movie was extremely boring!!!! why does everyone think this movie is so scary. I loved AVP and aliens, so i wanted to see the original alien,big mistake. I was expected to see lots of aliens, and lots of action like in aliens. when i watched this movie the first 10 minutes i fell asleep. Why did they not show the whole alien until the end? I think the biggest mistake was that this movie was set in the future. They should have set it in at least present time. it would have been much more interesting. I am sorry for all you out there who like the movie, because this is the most boring movie ever created. Go buy AVP.

It borrows a lot of story elements from Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and the effects work are sickening to the stomach.

I don’t care if some people liked this movie, it represented a low turning point in science fiction.

What do people see in this film? I am not one for horror films, though I do like this alien stuff. Nothing happens in the film. Nothing. We spent most of the time waiting and waiting for something to happen. This movie could have been cut to half an hour, easy. There is a saying that says that fear is being scared of the unknown, something that the X-Files has done really well.

Unfortunately, this film has tried to do this too and has gone too far. Rather than waiting for something to happen, while on the edge of our seats, we wait and wait and wait and wait. We barely get to see the alien and the special effects are pretty poor. Sure it was a long time ago, so we can’t expect too much, but look at Star Wars, which came out around the same time. They were much better than Alien, and Lucas had half the money.

why does everyone thing this movie is sooooo scary. first of all, this movie is the slowest movie in existance. You have wait 24 hours before you finally see the alien. I loved alien vs predator, and the aliens are my favorite. So I wanted to see the first alien movie. I stared watching it, and the letters going up on the screen kinda freaked me out. Then 15 minutes later i fell asleep. The movie would have been better if it was taken place in present time, not 500 years from now. All the high-tech stuff made it even more boring. I have a question,”why are all the most oldest, boring movies considered classics?” anyway I hated the movie, and I think they should remake it, in present time.

Daily Dose of Ingersoll

It is impossible to establish one miracle except by another —
and that would have to be established by another still, and so on
without end. Human testimony is not sufficient to establish a
miracle. Each human being, to be really convinced, must witness the
miracle for himself.

They say that Christianity was established, proven to be true,
by miracles wrought nearly two thousand years ago. Not one of these
miracles can be established except by impudent and ignorant
assertion — except by poisoning and deforming the minds of the
ignorant and the young. To succeed, the theologians invade the
cradle, the nursery. In the brain of innocence they plant the seeds
of superstition. They pollute the minds and imaginations of
children. They frighten the happy with threats of pain — they
soothe the wretched with gilded lies.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Truth” (1897)