Bacon Brownies

From Bacon Today:

Yes. It’s true. We finally did it. If you liked bacon cinnamon rolls, you’re going to love this. The picture above is the result of the coming together of two major food groups. Meat and brownies (yes, they’re a food group) have finally found common ground and joined forces to form a uniquely irresistible combination of flavors. Not since chocolate and peanut butter came together to create the peanut butter cup have we seen the introduction of such a Smastey™ dessert food. The good news is that you too can make bacon brownies. Here’s how.

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School Suspends African-American for Saying He Was African-American

From 1010Wins:

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. (AP) — A former student claims in a lawsuit that the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey discriminated against him for the way he described his background in classroom discussions on cultural diversity.

Paulo Serodio said that in 2006, he told a professor and classmates that he was “white, African, American,” which he says accurately reflects the fact that he was born in Mozambique but later became a U.S. citizen.

He said some classmates and staff members at New Jersey Medical School found it offensive that a Caucasian man would call himself “African-American” and that the fallout led to harassment and eventually his suspension from the school.

Serodio, who lives in Newark, said some school employees and students told him not to describe himself as “African-American.” In the aftermath of his comments, Serodio said, flyers were hung around the school mocking him, he was assaulted and his car was vandalized.

His lawyer, Gregg Zeff, said Serodio eventually was suspended for “conduct unbecoming” a student.

The suspension came directly from his remarks in class, Zeff said.

You Can’t Please Everyone – Monty Python and the Holy Grail

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at Monty Pythong and the Holy Grail:

This movie is a aweful – it is basically a medieval geek fest.

I enjoyed the broadway show more than I enjoyed the movie, what a boring work of art.

This isn’t funny! If I went around saying “Ni” thinking I was some kind of great comedian rather than laugh people would point me towards the nearest lunatic asylum! Try some comedy which actually makes sense like the Vicar of Dibley.

I never liked these Monty Python movies. One of the very few scenes that I liked in this movie was the galloping horse noisemaker. The rest (80-90%) is just stupid and embarrassingly unfunny; the “classic” Black Knight scene deserves only a pity laugh. There are some movies that are so bad that they are actually funny; this movie is simply unfunny *and* bad.

The humor in the juxtaposition of the actors’ British accents which we Americans normally associate with high class and the actors’ very low class antics wears out after about the first 5 minutes. Especially when you’re hit with one lame joke or overkilled antic after another. Take out the British accent and this movie would be strip to what it really is: a bad movie with a fan base of Dungeons & Dragons players, people who missed out on Woodstock and who probably think getting seriously drunk is awesome fun.

This has got to be the worst movie I have ever watched. Granted, some parts are funny, but this movie just goes over the edge. One of my favorite movies is Spaceballs. It knows where to draw the line; The Holy Grail does not. If I had to sit through that much stupidity ever again in my life I would probably kill myself ten minutes into the movie.

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