You Can’t Please Everyone – Who’s Next

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at Who’s Next :

Never heard of em!!!!

Someone said, buy this it good.

Yeah good for wiping the dust from the floor.

The singer, don’t know his name, he can’t sing!!!!

Unlike legends like Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston.

And that first song, what is it???

Oh Biba Rileo, it gives me a headache!!!!

This isn’t music, this is noise!!!

Try listen to true musicians like…Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Linkin Park, and the one and only……………

These are the musicians of the future not this!!!!

Believe me, I know!!!!

I too am a musician, I play the triangle, bango, flute, and organ, I am an A ++++++++ student!!!!


This and Pop Idol is the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS BAND SIZZUCKS, PERIOD! Doger Raltrey is THE mizzost overated “rock vocalist” EVER! Tete Powngay is the mozt OVERRATED guitarist eva! Keith Moon is a REAL overrizzated drumma! For REAL instrument work, buy Van Halen III & Mike Jones.

Pete Townsend dominates the songwriting on this album too much. Why didn’t he let Keith Moon’s talents shine? I’ve heard Keith’s solo album, and his songwriting was an untapped resource.

Hi, I’m Tommy (no kidding).
My father gave me this old CD with music. I was under the impression it was all film music from the reruns of the Doctor Who series and I was expecting exciting synthesizer space rock but it goes without saying I was bitterly disappointed by this grandpa weasel. The voices are indistinguishable and NOT!! at all about extraterrestrials or spooking mysteries. This instead is lame ‘she left me I am a dumb wino’ music.

It should be bent from being displaced in the shops.

I have a decent name for this collection: WHO cares?????????

led zeppelin was much better! there’s no good lyrics! the songs are terrible! melodies! behind blue eyes is better made by limp bizkit!

My mom made me leave the house for the first time in years or I would be grounded from World Of Warcraft for a week! Ugh! So I was taking a walk around this old junkyard and was rummaging though a pile of trash and found this album on cassette. I was excited- a new album to listen to! I put it in my Walkman from 1993 and hoped for an awesome album (hopefully as good as “St.Anger”). What a disappointment! I hated this album! Here’s why:

1.) All songs sound the same
2.) Do they even have a bassist? I sure as heck can’t hear the bass.
3.) The guitarist was awful
4.) The drumming was so simple, all in 4/4
5.) The vocals were horrid! He sounded like a dying cat
6.) The songs were generic and uncreative
Also, they were never on MTV or BET! So that’s an automatic fail. Listen to some real music like Bon Jovi, people.

These guys are the worst of the worst when it comes to music. One, I’ve never seen them on MTV, and two, the songs are awful, radio unfriendly, and above all untalented. Like Baba O’Riley, which is just the same note over and over and something about a teenage wasteland. Whatever. And Won’t Get Fooled Again is very radio and MTV unfriednly.

And Behind Blue Eyes makes me infuriated. Why did they take a Limp Bizkit masterpiece and turn it into crap?

Avoid this like the plague.

This band has lacklustry called themselves Who are you. I have never heard of them but expect them to be some rockingroll outfit noise machine. To begin with the cover is genuinely filthy and unattended for. Do we need to X-pose people to some vain boredom? No way never ever would be my idea.

and thento the music.

It is boring.

It is very very boring and dull.

It is tremendously boring and dull and it opens your eyes to the facked that you have just made the wrong choice buying this ludicrous loser’s (c)rap.

have called themselves
Who am I?

and after the answer would be found they’d do a good job perhaps in gardening or engineering or selling second hand lingerie in the market place, or running a bankdeposit down the rain or selling mucky shoes or dealing in murky stories or selling periwigs for fake poodles.

you get the ID.

All would be better than exploaring a musical career with such awful music painful to the very essence of the soul.

Instead these bad musicians are demollishing their precious instruments and they create a noise for deaf ears.

GOOD musicians are:

Spiderman soundtrack
Finding Nemo soundtrack
Angelo Badalament
Richard Clayderman
Andrew lloyd Webber
The Pricks (Detroit Punk)

The what? The first rogue punk group in Britton? No way! That was Alex Johns and the Spikes who were robbed from their 10 million pound contract by none other than (…) you know how it goes.

Please good and decenbt folk don’t take attention of all the senseless dumbass 5star reviews becuz they lie. This disc earns what it gets: a meagre 0.

Listen to Shakespear sister, Cabaret voltaire, Killjoys, Cosmic apples, Lunch (with Peter Hodgwin, not the later group), Scissor sisters (invention of the century)and Madame Tussauds’ Lies (Dutch band). They will be bigger in a couple of years time than this dumbo who that only weasels and maggots like.

As long as there is light the who will be forgotten.

Started in vintage and somewhat smelly times some poor factory huorkers from Angleterre formed a band named the WHATISLIKETOBEAMORONICSARDONICTITTOCRYTENEROSISTERRADIOROCKERCHIMPANZEETRUNK.

As was to be axepected everyone responded by sayin THE WHO?????????????? and so a great wrong was cast over

the people living safe and
in the dark dark world of rocken roll idolatry.

oNM THE OTHER hand listening to gRRReat NEW bands like Killers, Scissor Sisters (who had the tremendous GUTS to tackle one of the worst bands in the world Pink Rubbish and made a huge trippin FUN version of camfertybally nunn and then of course Daniel Bedingfield, Pearl Jam, Walrus Inc. and MERR,

what’s the future

all a bout.

Now quit this wanneking hoo,
I mean

who gives a S#$%?????????



How did these idiots keep going for as long as they did? Their songwriting and arrangements were uninspired. And Daltry had all the vocal expressiveness of an unmusical aarvark. If they were still playing today, they’d belong in Vegas along with Rod Stewart, Tom Jones, and all the other macho hacks.