You Can’t Please Everyone – This is Spinal Tap

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at This is Spinal Tap:

If you’re going to make such an excellent documentary, why make it about about a band that nobody has ever heard of?

Getting similar behind-the-scenes footage on the Who, The Stones, or Genesis would have been a monumental achievment in documentary cinema.

But Spinal Pap?

This is truely the WORST movie I have ever seen. It is about a bogus British band that’s losing popularity (I wonder why). It seems like they just made a movie to go around bad jokes (ex: “They foung the cover to your album offensive.””What about it?””The fact that you had a naked woman on all fours on a leash” Ha, ha, ha. Then he hides a cucumber down his pants to
try to make people think he has a huge penis. Ha, ha, ha. BOOOORING!!! Don’t waist you time on the movie!!

THIS MOVIE ISN’T FUNNY!! DON’T BUY IT! I watched it the whole time waiting for it to be funny, the only funny part was something about crackers being shaped wrong it’s NOT funny!!!!
Don’t waste your money!!!

i warned you!!

Okay, seriously, who the heck are these Spinal Tap fellas? I’m an expert on music (I studied the art form for four years, know every artist of the last 40 years, and scored an A+ on my math test…which really doesn’t have anything to do with music, but it shows you that I am intellegent), and have never heard of these guys before. Let me ask you a perfectly reasonable question: why would you want to watch a documentary on a band that you’ve never heard of before? And to top it all off, the interviewer is some guy named Rob (who resembles a pig! That’s right, a little piggy!). If I wanted to look at a hog for an hour, I’d make some bacon!

Also of note is that there’s some character named ‘Bobbi Fleckman’. How can you people be fooled so easily? Don’t you realize that it’s nothing but a cheap disguise? It’s really The Nanny, Fran Fine! Nice try, Fran, but I didn’t believe it for one second! I guess sometimes, you just have to get away from that butler and that old British guy!

People, whatever you do, don’t buy this trash! Just wait until Limp Bizkit (the greatest band ever!) makes a documentary on their wild and crazy and cool antics! It’s sure to put this to shame!

I tried to like this movie, but it’s really a 5 minute joke stretched too far. In fact it’s gone on now for nearly a quarter century. Isn’t enough is enough? Apparently not.

Yes, rock music can be silly sometimes, but basing careers out of a parody of it is surely stretching it.

I smiled a bit for the first few minutes. After that it felt like being hit over the head with a club. “Hey it’s funny, see? Did you see that joke we made? Funny! Oh and here’s another one! It’s funnier than the similar one we made an hour ago! Isn’t this hilarious?!”

I was never offended by it, if that’s why you think I gave it a low rating. I was just bored at how tedious the film became.

Should have been a 5 minute skit on Saturday Night Live or something.

Getting an actual spinal tap would probably be better than sitting through this mockumentary about the decline in popularity of the british rock group Spinal Tap. The one star is for the only funny part in this movie(cucumber). The parts that aren’t funny are not just boring, but they are unbearable to watch. Concert after concert, the redundant songs that are dull and annoying. I am truly sorry I had to watch this movie and I’m writing this so you can save your money and time. If you want to see a good mockumentary check out And god Spoke, a classic.

Stupid and boring. A few good chuckle moments, but primarily a near-post-adolescent bad boy movie. Sound track has problems, many spots where the sound does not sync with the action onscreen. Many sound dropouts.

Purchase only if you absolutely need to see the cucumber scene again – and then only if your player has a fast forward scan button – you’ll use it alot.

That little dog that chases the covered wagon underneath the sink? That was mine. In 1966, I went down to…

This movie was probably thought of and concieved under that sink. This is pathetic! I would rather floss my teeth with Roseanne Arnold’s gstring than be forced to sit through this lame piece of boring crap. Those of you who actually laugh at this stuff are in serious need of a qualified team of dedicated and trained deprogrammers. NOT ONE really funny line through the whole thing and the music isn’t good enough for AM radio in any era. Instead of buying in this DVD rent it first. If you really do like it try snorting about a half can of Ronson lighter fluid and go sit by the fireplace.

My best friend recommended this to me as the funniest movie ever. He said It would make me laugh. We ususally have the same sense of morbid humor, however I did not laugh once, I thought it was the dumbest movie I had seen in awhile. very dry humor, jay leno / carson jokes, not even close to funny or entertaining. My comedy recommendations: Friday, next friday, me myself and irene, scary movie…trying to think…anyway, you get the point, you were warned!

i waited and waited for something funny to happen but all i got was bad music and worse jokes. you people that think this is funny should consider adjusting your meds.

This movie is proof that the dumbing down of America is a reality.

It’s difficult to come up with words that will do an adequate job of describing this movie but here’s one that pretty much says it all:

Childish – seeing Lenny (from Laverne and Shirley) speaking with a fake English accent playing air guitar pretty much sums it up.

There really isn’t anything good to be said about this flick.

The music – unimaginative and boring as is the scriptwriting.

The humor – (someone mentioned “deadpan”) isn’t deadpan but just dead.

The premise – sad and lame… a tasteless “Rutles” parody.

The acting (if you want to call it that) – juvenile at best

There is nothing good to be said about this video other than that it points out how worthless image without content is.

If Rob Reiner was trying to prove he the real life “meathead” `Archie Bunker” always said he was then bravo! This DVD is a worthless waste of time, effort, energy, plastic and (if you were to buy it) money too.