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Are any Cynics out there really worried about Swine flu?

I’ve done a good job ignoring it even though I’ve seen it mentioned now for every other blog post or news article. Feels to me that a slow news cycle + cool sounding disease = media feeding frenzy. It’s also nice to know that a good pandemic can distract people from an economic downturn.

If You Only Read One Article About the Jonas Bros.

Read this one. (Actually, this is the only article I’ve ever read about the Jonas Bros.)

When I saw South Park’s dressing-down of The Jonas Brothers I did not for a minute believe that the Jonas Brothers sprayed their fans with white foam canons. I just assumed that was a hyperbolic joke of sorts, an outrageous caricature.

Oh, no. It is quite real:

My mind reels trying to accept that as reality. It is Idiocracy made true, something that should come from the sick and twisted minds of Warren Ellis or Grant Morrison and presented in fiction, not a factual reality.

After subtly massaging the budding sexual urges of thousands of pre-teen worshipers who have worked themselves into a lusty frenzy, The Jonas Brothers ejaculate their horrid metaphor into the gaping maws of their Hannah Montana harem who have now completed their souls, having received the warm, foamy jism of their young male slavemasters.

And the hyper-conservative adults who were outraged — outraged! — that the word “SEX” might have appeared for a half-second in The Lion King look on with glowing approval and happily shell-out hundreds of dollars to provide their kids with “wholesome” entertainment. At it’s core this is no less sexual or subversive than commercial hip-hop, but you know, it’s not… (whispers) black.

Paris Brothels During WW2

From The Daily Mail (NSFW)

Most girls were so enamoured with the Aryan invaders that they went to great lengths to make them feel at home, including learning German, putting on performances of their favourite classical music, even dyeing their hair black to provide an exotic contrast to their predominantly blond customers.

Almost every night of the week was party night, with alcohol-fuelled orgies dominating social life at a time when the majority of the population had to abide by an 11pm to 5am curfew.

Even while the Holocaust was being extended to France’s sizeable Jewish community and Allied bombs rained down on suburban factories, the debauchery carried on.

‘It was a golden age for French brothels,’ says Buisson. ‘Many had been threatened with being shut down in less liberated days, but under the Nazis they were completely revived.’

After conquering France in the summer of 1940, the invaders turned out to be insatiable customers.

Wermacht and SS units commandeered no fewer than 22 well known brothels, turning them into establishments for the exclusive use of military staff and a few compliant French officials.

Military commanders set rates for the brothels, with nominal taxes being paid to the collaborating French authorities.

German medics examined the prostitutes three times each week to ensure there were no illnesses, with any outbreak of venereal disease considered an ‘act of sabotage’.

This followed in a Napoleonic tradition, as the French Emperor had ordered the registration and bi-weekly health inspection of all prostitutes in the early 19th century.

Napoleon, who was hugely admired by Hitler, had much to do with the early maisons closes which started to appear in Paris and other major cities at about the same time.

They had to be run by a woman, typically a former prostitute-turned-madam, and their outer appearance had to be ‘discreet’.

Why Michelle Obama Inspires Women Around the Globe

From CNN:

Heather Ferreira works in the slums of Mumbai, India, where she has watched thousands of women live under a “curse.”

The women she meets in the squalid streets where “Slumdog Millionaire” was filmed are often treated with contempt, she says. They’re considered ugly if their skin and hair are too dark. They are deemed “cursed” if they only have daughters. Many would-be mothers even abort their children if they learn they’re female.

Yet lately she says Indian women are getting another message from the emergence of another woman thousands of miles away. This woman has dark skin and hair. She walks next to her husband in public, not behind. And she has two daughters. But no one calls her cursed. They call her Michelle Obama, the first lady.

“She could be a new face for India,” says Ferreira, program officer for an HIV-prevention program run by World Vision, an international humanitarian group. “She shows women that it’s OK to have dark skin and to not have a son. She’s quite real to us.”

You Can’t Please Everyone – The Sound of Music

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at The Sound of Music:

This movie was made in the sixties, we live in the 21st century, GET OVER IT!

I loved it when I was ten, but I think I’ve out grown it

When I see garbage like this, I finally understand what is wrong with the world. I watched this movie on a dare and was absolutely mortified!!!!! I would have given it negative stars if I could have. As an animal lover and vegetarian, I was especially offended!!! Anyone who is a fan of this series should run, not walk to the nearest Psychiatrist. You are in desperate need of having your head examined. And we as a society wonder why violence and seriel killers have become a part of daily life. Well, ladies and gentlemen I present to you Exhibit A…….

HORRIBLE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t see how this became a classic. Everyone must have been brainwashed from cildhood to like this. All the characters is constatly, artificially happy, they are shallow and it is sexist against woman. And I don’t understand why everyone loves Julie, she really isn’t that special. All in all, I will never see it again. And I suggest you don’t either.

This movie should be called the Sound of Mucus. The only redeeming quality is that the family has to run from nazis.

Sickeningly sweet, and relentlessly cheerful, the continuing endurance of this movie baffles me beyond belief. By now the story is well known — young woman becomes governess to seven children in 1930’s Austria. Their father is a stern captain who has known no joy since his wife’s death. Said young woman spontaneously bursts into song, the children adore her, and the captain finds joy again until the Nazi’s put an end to their fun at which point they escape Austria. Even Maria Von Trapp, the woman on whose life this story was based, did not care for this film and it is amazing that it is not required to come with a saccharine warning label.

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