Tweets of Hate: The Crazy Right Twitters About the Assassination of Dr Tiller

From Carnal Nation:

A small sample of the hatred expressed on Twitter after the assassination of Dr Tiller:

* Crap, I always forgot hashtags. I’m happy Tiller’s dead. – Jennifer Waite, Selah, Washington
* UPDATE… Doctor George Tiller was aborted today in his 204th trimester – aren’t paybacks a bitch – Punch
* oh HAPPY DAY! Tiller the baby killer is DEAD! – Samantha Pelch
* George Tiller the baby killer was shot dead this morning. God bless the gunmen who hopefully won’t be caught. – readnwatchchris, Creedmor. NC
* was George Tiller the baby killers brain scrambled the way he scrambled full term fetuses.. one can only hope – Brad S
* Infamous baby killer George Tiller gunned down at (irony) church. Why do I not feel sorry for him? Have fun at Judgment Day. – James Fiddler

R.I.P. Dr. George Tiller

From The NY Times:

WICHITA, Kan. — Authorities said they had a suspect in custody Sunday afternoon in the shooting death of George Tiller, a Wichita doctor who was one of the few doctors in the nation to perform late-term abortions.

Dr. Tiller, who had long been a lightning rod for controversy over the issue of abortion and had survived a shooting more than a decade ago, was shot inside his church here on Sunday morning, the authorities said. Dr. Tiller, 67, was shot with a handgun inside the lobby of his longtime church, Reformation Lutheran Church on the city’s East Side, just after 10 a.m. (Central Time). The service had started minutes earlier.

Dr. Tiller, who had performed abortions since the 1970s, had long been a lightning rod for controversy over the issue of abortion, particularly in Kansas, where abortion opponents regularly protested outside his clinic and sometimes his home and church. In 1993, he was shot in both arms by an abortion opponent but recovered.

Dr. Tiller had also been the subject of many efforts at prosecution, including a citizen-initiated grand jury investigation. In the latest such effort, in March, Dr. Tiller was acquitted of charges that he had performed late-term abortions that violated state law.

Daily Dose of Ingersoll

A new era is dawning on the world. We are beginning to believe
in the religion of usefulness.

The men who felled the forests, cultivated the earth, spanned
the rivers with bridges of steel, built the railways and canals,
the great ships, invented the locomotives and engines, supplying
the countless wants of man: the men who invented the telegraphs and
cables, and freighted the electric spark with thought and love; the
men who invented the looms and spindles that clothe the world, the
inventors of printing and the great presses that fill the earth
with poetry, fiction and fact, that save and keep all knowledge for
the children yet to be; the inventors of all the wonderful machines
that deftly mold from wood and steel the things we use; the men who
have explored the heavens and traced the orbits of the stars — who
have read the story of the world in mountain range and billowed
sea; the men who have lengthened life and conquered pain; the great
philosophers and naturalists who have filled the world with light;
the great poets whose thoughts have charmed the souls, the great
painters and sculptors who have made the canvas speak, the marble
live; the great orators who have swayed the world, the composers
who have given their souls to sound, the captains of industry, the
producers, the soldiers who have battled for the right, the vast
host of useful men — these are our Christs, our apostles and our
saints. The triumphs of science are our miracles. The books filled
with the facts of Nature are our sacred scriptures, and the force
that is in every atom and in every star — in everything that lives
and grows and thinks, that hopes and suffers, is the only possible

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Truth” (1897)

The Latino KKK

I’ve been tremendously busy the past week so I hadn’t much time to read up on Sotomayor’s nomination. I did however kept seeing snippets accusing her of being a racist pop-up here and there but noticed that all the complaints were coated with Oxycontin flavored spittle which meant that the allegations probably had little basis in reality. (And Rush Limbaugh calling someone a racist is like Charles Manson calling someone a little wacky)

And all I can say after this clip is HAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!! Really guys??? A sentence fragment removed entirely out of context and this is what you’re going with? Hell, from the snippets I’ve seen of the reactions I thought they had found out that Sotomayor was the leader of the Boricua Popular Army. Pass the popcorn.