The Dalai Lama in Harvard Square

I know that he’s in the square because I almost got hit by his motorcade as it was dropping him off at The Charles Hotel. I was walking to JFK park to read (halfway through The Kindly Ones fyi) and about to cross the street when a motorcycle cop told me to stop (the walk light was green but I failed to notice Ponch stopping all traffic because I was on the cell to Mrs. C). I stepped back onto the sidewalk and a parade of motorcycle cops and black SUV’s with the Dalai Lama in one rushed by to The Chuck. I told Mrs. C that I had to go because the Dalai Lama had just almost run me down and I wanted to use my cellphone to get some pictures to which she replied “You don’t have to insult me by making up stupid stories if you don’t want to finish this conversation.”

Here’s a picture of people standing outside greeting the Lama as he goes into the hotel. I didn’t get a better picture because I was too busy trying to make up a more plausible story to Mrs. C as the Lama was fleeing the scene. (This guy is always running from something)