You Can’t Please Everyone – Of Mice and Men

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at Of Mice and Men:

This story has way too much profanity. It is difficult to get past the use of the words to realize the meaning of the book.

I gave this book a one star for the cursing! I was shocked to see that the book has a good amount of cursing and that the school recommended this book to be read.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I thought it was really rushed, didn’t have a whole lot of content, and the ending was really weird and unexpected.. lol maybe I should have read the cleft notes or something..

During the first chapter of the book. It hooks you right away. From the moment the characters arrive at the barn it declines. If you have ever seen “Pinky and the Brain” these are the characters. Except Lennie is more stupid than Pinky! My two year old cousin has more common sense than Lennie. The book is highly illogical.

I’m torn between giving this book one star for making me depressed and giving the book five stars for how well written and how honest the book is. All in all, the book deserves the classic status it has attained, but do to how the story made me feel, I had to throw my copy away. I am not a reader that will say a simple “this book sucks” but this book made me feel bad. The truth behind the tale disturbed me. That was probably the point trying to be made, but even so, I cannot get by how it made me view the world at the end.

this book may be easy to study for english literature, being short. However, this story is not interesting in the least, with a plot that builds up and then is thrown away totally at the end.

I found the book to be boring. I only read the book because I was forced to by my English Teacher. The book is extremely vulgar. The reason I gave the book one star is because that is as low as I could give it. If you have to Read it, I suggest getting something like the Coles Notes. This book was awful.

Of Mice and Men had a good begining and a good plot. It would have been a better book if Steinbeck had made it longer and put more effort into it. When you read his books you get the feeling that he started out with this great idea, and then got bored so he just finished the book real quick.

I did not like this book at all. I had to read it in eighth grade. It was so difficult to understand the interactions between the characters. Although the story itself was okay, it was nothing special at all and it isn’t something I would look forward to reading. The WORST part is the end, it’s VERY SAD. It’s the WORST ending I have ever read in a book. I was hoping the book would end happy, but, just like the rest of the book, the ending sucks as well. I don’t get how these books become famous. Maybe an adult would like it, but definitely not someone who is in middle school or high school. If you are a teenager, read something like realistic fiction that takes place in a school setting or at least in a more modern setting. Something that is interesting to what you do. Or something like a mystery or a fantasy. I don’t get how a book this bad (in my opinion) could become SO famous. This is probably because this is a book ADULTS read and it shouldn’t be read by kids my age. If you are unfortunate to have to read this book, GOOD LUCK. Hopefully you will like it, but I only recommend this to adults who like difficult classic “literature” style books.

Now, then:
Of Mice and Men Is one of the worst books I have ever read. Let me count the ways:
1) It has immeasuably two dimensional chacters. Steinbeck stays so close to the archetypal “strong man” “seedy guy” “angry little guy” “seductive wife” its disgusting. he even has a token black guy! Absurd.

2) An equally two-dimensional plot. Steinbeck’s unbearable heavy handedness in getting his all important “moral” across completely crushes out any vestige of meaningful charcterization or subtext.

3) The ending. No, I’m not about to say “ew!” What i will say is that thats what he WANTS you to think. He wants you to put down this book and “realzie the impossibility the america dream, and the cutthroat nature of humans in general.” The problem with this conclusion is the entire book is completely contrived! The most absurd confluence of cicumstances that could possible occur come togethr in this book. its all crap.

I happen to be a high school student and this book just happened to be required for my class. (please do not read this if you hate spoilers not that I encourage anyone to read this book anyway) To start off, this must be the most depressing most unbelieveably horrid books I have ever read in my entire life rivaling only Hemmingway in that matter. The entire book tells the story of two friends Lennie and George who have a dream to own a farm and basically to live the American dream and to live without cares. Well as the story goes on, lennie runs into the wife of the son of the owner of the farm (who is already hitting on everone else in the farm including Lennie now More on that later). Anyhow, they get a bunch of the hands on the farm together and are getting ready to own their farm and throughout the entire book you will just want them to get that farm but it doesn’t happen. Lennie kills the lady and is forced to run and hide where George told him to go if ever he were in trouble and what doess George do? HE SHOOTS LENNIE! George goes on to become a drunk and the novella has a most depressing ending. Basically, this was an incredibly depressing book (like all Steinbacks) and is the last book I will ever want to read again. My teacher calls it realism I call it flat out pessimism. It is a glimpse into the mind of a man who knew how to take a lousy story and write it well enough to sell like so many “great” american novelists of the 20th century. This was the first book I ever felt like ripping to shreds and unless you yourself are depressed or wish to become so, DO NOT READ A STEINBACK NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE TELLS YOU!

I found several critical problems with this play, including narrative structure, plot thematics, metaphorical irony, and satirical narcissism. Serious scholars need not apply. The books are not for the people to do with Lenny and Carl. Shooting the tragedy in the end is an unfortunate incident for the lives of everyone on the earthen structures. If you’re good looking for Steinbeck, I suggest the “Rapes of Wrath.”

I was forced to read this poor excuse for a book for English class. It was awful. I hope Steinbeck’s other books are better than this. This book read like a hazy dream more than a novel, and a BORING & UNCLEAR hazy dream at that. I hope this review convinced you to spend your time on worthwile literature as opposed to this.

I thought this book was pretty dumb. It had no point. It is a wase of money. It is vulger. I don’t like it.

It sucked