You Can’t Please Everyone – Abbey Road

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at Abbey Road:

I hate the Beatles. I’m so sorry that they never made anything decent because they are a 60’s band. Well, the 60’s is a really
bad decade of music. Abbey Road is a really horrible album with
a few of the most horrible tracks in here comes the sun. Don’t buy this awful album. go buy any joe walsh, dire straits, foreigner, guns n’ roses, green day, or nirvana insted.

This is more music for druggies. The Beatles should be ashamed to put out this album. I saw Paul Mcartney live last year and he was better than this album, and the other Beatles weren’t even there. But the stage show was boring, there where no pyrotecnics or girls. When I saw Motley Crew during there Dr. Feelgood tour they at least had Fireballs and dancing girls. Plus Mick Mars destroys George Harryson on guitar!

I heard the Beatles album “Rubber Soul”, the one with their one hit “Norwegian Wood”. That song was good and the other filler songs were…eh…(flipping my hand around like to say “ehhhh”, you know?)…I always saw these guys as a one hit wonder. But someone said, “You gotta hear ‘Abbey Road’ by them.” And, I was like. Okay. Apparently this band was an influence for great bands like Herman’s Hermits and New Order and stuff, so, I thought, okay…if I can find it, i'”ll chekc it out. I found it. Checked it out. Uh…Ever heard of a word called “Porduction”, lads? They…I don’t know when one song ends and the other stops. They have different lead singers for every song. The songs have no thru line or melody to speak of. I see here that some people gave this thing 5 stars. Hello! What? There’s a reason you never hear of these guys any more. They’re probably all living in a shack trying to live on their little checks for “Norwegian” Wood.

England’s Fab Bore released this album in 1969, during which the Beatles were falling apart at the seams due to creative, financial, and legal issues. “Come Together” sounds fake, and everything else is tired. Who would buy this when you have Pink? Get her new album instead.

There is not one good song on this album. “Come Together” is silly. “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” is childish. The songs that run together on side 2 are just pure drivel. “i Want You” might be the worst song I’ve ever heard. The two most listenible songs are by Harrison. That should tell you something. This album makes me vomit.

I never could understand why the Beatles are so popular? They are pretty boring too just like Pink Floyd. Each and every song on this album can put me to sleep in about 55 seconds. I just dont like it because it sucks! Dont listen to the moronic 5 star reviewers below. The Beatles only made one good album and that’s the one which contains Ballad Of John And Yoko, Hey Jude.

First off I’m not a beatle hater or basher and I do understand their importance in music and cultural history but I’m also not a fan. Yes they were big back in the day but now they just sound very dated but the older generation still keeps pushing them on us. Yes they do have some good songs but not on this album. Most of them are kindda childish sounding like this cd was aimed at children. Towards the end the songs are very very short like they came up with a little tune that couldn’t become a whole song so they just stuck those unfinished songs on the album. I think the song Maxwell’s hammer is funny because the lyrics are about Maxwell killing people with his hammer while the music to the song is very happy. Anyways the beatles were #1 back in the 60’s but we now have much more to offer in the ways of music. There are also good bands from the 60’s though like the Who and the Beach Boys.

Rich guys puttering! Who needs it?

Dont get me Wrong. I love the beatles but this album is really bad and there are only Two Standout songs on the whole thing. SOMETHING and HERE COMES THE SUN are the Only good songs. Buy the Beatles 1 with thier #1 hits and skip this horrible unfinishd album.

I cannot believe that this album is even on par with any of the great Rolling Stones albums. I mean the song “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” could have been written by a child. The Beatles survive on silly little love songs, not good blues-based rock and roll. They were not a “true” band because they rarely played live. It is sad that albums like “Abbey Road” are considered great. The Beatles were simply products of a studio. Listen to Lennon play with Yoko at Madison Square Garden- they sound like a band I knew in high school- “Nobody Goes to Sweden”! Listen to the Stones. The song “Indian Girl” is better then “A Day in the Life”. I am glad the Stones are not sell outs like the Beatles. This album stinks.

It seems that the faithful are determined, despite the evidence of their own ears, to believe that the Beatles went out at the peak of their powers. This aspect of the Beatles’ myth is responsible for “Abbey Road” being the most overrated album in the Beatles’ catalog. Songs like “Octopus’s Garden” and “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” are beneath the attention of an adult intellect; the latter is a perfect example of what Lennon derisively called McCartney’s “granny songs”. And the highly touted medley is, as Lennon pointed out, just a bunch of abandoned, half-baked ideas strung together. Of the albums actually recorded as albums (i.e., setting aside “Yellow Submarine” and “Magical Mystery Tour”), this is the Beatles’ poorest effort — the work of people who were becoming more interested in solo projects and who would soon call it quits as a group.

I wish this album was as good as it’s built up to be. It’s not.
Here Comes the Sun is good, but there are a few slow, boring songs (Sun King, Because) and a lot of unfinished songs (I Want You, Mr. Mustard, Polythene Pam, Bathroom Window, Her Majesty, The End).

If it weren’t for George Martin splicing these things together this would have been a mess.

I’ll admit it: I’m not a big fan of the late Beatles. I think they did they’re best work between the teeny-bopper early years and Sgt. Pepper…which is to say, Rubber Soul and Revolver. But a few months ago, i was in my brother’s room, and I said, what the hey, let’s give the great Abbey Road a chance. I listened to it, twice, and honestly, I don’t get it. “Come Together” is a pretty good song, but the rest is slow, soulful balladiering slush. It’s just plain BORING. I can only listen to Paul sing like choir boy so long before I ache to hear George just pick up his guitar and give us a blues lick. This is the greatest rock n’roll album of all time? Hey folks, if you want to hear the Beatles play rock n’ Roll, listen to “Hard Day’s Night”. That’s Rock n’ Roll. This…I don’t know what this is…