Ok, I admit it! I ignored the handful of blogs and few critics who said that The Wire was the best show on tv and refused to watch it out of spite. Big deal. It’s one cop show out of hundreds that have aired. How good could it possibly be?

After getting the first disk of season one of The Wire from Netflix a few weeks ago that set up marathon sessions that kept me up most of the night until I couldn’t focus my bleary eyes onto the screen any longer I can honestly say that I was one naive cynic. How good of a cop show is The Wire? It makes NYPD Blue look like Cop Rock. Season one sucked me in early on and I didn’t think there was a single bad episode until the last season which I found to be a bit uneven. (I believe it was an abbreviated season with only 10 episodes which is probably why it felt rushed at times.) Here are some of the highlights of The Wire for me (I’ll make it spoiler free since the chances are you haven’t seen it)

  • Omar Little – Has to be one of the best tv characters of all time. Actually, all the characters on The Wire were fascinating and well written, even secondary characters, but Omar came out of nowhere and slowly became my favorite by the third season.
  • Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit. Stretching a monosyllabic word into a 9 second quote is an accomplishment that is in desperate need of some award or accolade. It also is a perfect example as to why shows on pay tv can be so much better than shows on networks that have to answer to the FCC and treat all viewers as if they were children. People in real life use profanity, crimes are bloody and violent, and people actually take off clothes to have sex. It’s good to be able to watch a gritty crime drama without having your intelligence insulted by a censor acting as a your mommy or daddy.
  • Season 4. I was extremely skeptical of a full season dealing with the Baltimore school system. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit was I wrong on that one. My favorite season of all time.
  • Rewatchability. There are a ton of small details that you’re sure to miss the first time around. After reading some wikipedia pages, I’m surprised at how much I missed watching it the first time around. It moves fast. There’s a lot of info to process for each episode which you can concentrate on during a second viewing.
  • DVDs. I find it extremely difficult now to watch a show from week to week when I can just rent the dvds at the end of the series and watch the entire run in a few weeks.

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Apartment Therapy

Mrs C. and I are finished moving into the new place but we’re still looking for ideas on how to decorate it and have found Apartment Therapy, a blog dedicated to that kind of thing. It’s a great blog and my only complaint about it is it updates too often. Everytime I refresh my rss reader it has another half dozen posts. (Is that even a legitimate complaint?)

Fox News Legal Analyst Says Miss California Could Sue for Discrimination

Paging Lionel Hutz:

Miss California Carrie Prejean, blasted by a Miss USA contest judge because she opposes gay marriage, may have grounds for a discrimination lawsuit herself — against the Miss USA pageant, a legal analyst says.

“If she really feels some tremendous stress as a result of losing — and I’m certain she’s probably devastated from what happened to her — she can articulate a viable claim for monetary compensation for psychic injury,” said FOX News legal analyst Mercedes Colwin.

Prejean fielded a question during Sunday night’s pageant from celebrity blogger Perez Hilton about whether every state should legalize same-sex marriage. Prejean replied that she is opposed to gay marriage, and her answer may have cost her the crown. She finished second to Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton.

“She lost it because of that question,” Hilton said Monday. “She was definitely the front-runner before that.”

Hilton, who is gay, said he gave Prejean a zero for her answer, and that may have made the difference in the outcome.

Prejean, who attends San Diego Christian College, said she saw the question as a test of her faith — a religious trial that could have her finishing in the money, if she decides to sue.

“It’s her religious beliefs which prompted her to say ‘I don’t believe in same-sex marriages.’ So she was espousing her beliefs,” and could sue for a violation of Title VII, which forbids discrimination on the basis of religion.

By that logic, religious people can discriminate as much as they please because any argument against them would be religious discrimination?

And psychic injury?

You Can’t Please Everyone – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

it sucked it was boring and stupid anyone who thinks ball point pens are funny is an idiot

The book begins with the hero sitting down in front of his house in order to stop it being demolished to make room for a highway. He’s lucky he wasn’t Rachel Corrie, an American who was killed by an Israeli driving a bulldozer. Her death didn’t receive one per cent of the publicity accorded this book, which descends into a cycle of abstruse stupidity. If you want a laugh that will make you wiser, read Mark Twain or Joseph Heller. If you want a good story, read Chehov or Tolstoy. They won’t make a fool of you.

I rarely meet another sci-fi fan who dislikes this book; everyone seems to love it, but I barely made it through. I did really enjoy the beginning of the book, but as it progressed I found that every time the situation was getting interesting, and about to require some work on the part of the author to figure out the ramifications of whatever new world the characters were in….oops! randomness drive kicks in, and we’re off to somewhere else!

I ended up frustrated with the author for copping out every time I was getting interested. As a strictly comic book, this might be OK, but don’t read it expecting true sci-fi. Your time would be much better spent with Orson Scott Card or Timothy Zahn.

I do not understand why people love this book. Or why they think it’s funny. It’s just so boring. There’s no plot, there’s no character development, and the characters are one-dimensional anyway.

The entire story can be summed up in one sentence: The Earth is destroyed, and Arthur is saved by Ford Prefect, who is an alien researching Earth.

Woo, what an exciting plot. Honestly, I’d rather be on the Earth when it was destroyed than go on this boring adventure.

However, it’s obviously a cult classic, and I guess it’s just one of those books that everyone must read at least once in their lifetime. And finally I’ve been able to understand a lot of sayings and jokes that I’ve been hearing for all these years and not knowing where they came from. 🙂

I think that this book was one of the oddest I have ever read. I really found no joy in reading it and didn1t see the point of the story line. If I had known that this book was so absurd I wouldn1t have read it. While reading it I had to struggle to comprehend the characters1 bizarre surroundings and conflicts. If I had to give this book a rating I1d give it one out of five stars. I give it one star because there were some rare funny parts in the book. These parts really didn1t pertain to the book at all though.

I have never read a book that is as young and jouvenile as this book is. I couldn’t even finish reading it I was so disgusted.

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Daily Dose of Ingersoll

The facts now show beyond all doubt that all religions came
from substantially the same source — but there is not an orthodox
Christian theologian who will admit the facts. He must defend his
creed — his revelation. He cannot afford to be honest. He was not
educated in an honest school. He was not taught to be honest. He
was taught to believe and to defend his belief, not only against
argument but against facts.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Truth” (1897)