Friday Cat Blogging / Have a Good Weekend

The good news is I took today off from work. The bad news is that I took the day off from work so I could finish moving to my new place. Comcast is switching my cable to the new place in the morning and when that is done I’ll spend the rest of my day moving before the professional movers we hired for Saturday finish the job by bringing over the big things. So needless to say, blogging will be suspended until Monday or after my hernia operation.

Oh, and after about 19 trips of moving my books I suddenly have an urge to get a Kindle… or a mule.

Kill me.

Update 2:
No, seriously. Kill me.

Update 3:
I’m almost back up and running. Cynikitty spent the better part of the move huddled behind the sofa guarding it from whatever hides behind sofas. He then moved from behind the sofa to behind my desk when I kicked him out to hide behind the sofa. (I fear change.) Blogging to resume Tuesday or until I find the box that has my computer mouse.

You Can’t Please Everyone – Dark Side of the Moon

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at Dark Side of the Moon:

This cacophony of commie buzz words and simplistic, condescending communist ideals both offends me as an American, and as a music listener. Should’ve been called Red Side Of the Moon.

SNORE. I can’t believe some of you dorky stoners trapped in the ’70s have the nerve to call this album a “masterpiece” or “one of the best albums of all-time”! LOL, MUSIC NERDS! You people can’t be serious. They didn’t even get any MTV or BET airplay. Therefore, they automatically are horrible. I suggest you listen to a great album like “St.Anger” by Metallica or “Lost Highway” by Bon Jovi if you want a taste of what real music should sound like.

IF you were born after 1965, don’t even think of wasting money on this. It’s music for old people (i.e. baby boomers) and pimply-faced seventies teens with their awful black t-shirts. Spend your money on a haircut and “Never Mind The Bullocks” (and, if you don’t get the last reference, you might as well end it all now). This album is slow, boring and took too long to make. If you’re saying to yourself “But it was so popular and it was in the charts for years”, remember that millions wasted money on bell-bottoms and mood rings.


This album is musically inane, boring and void of all interest for any but the most drugged out and vacuous of listeners. Please don’t just kow tow to the ignorant masses who have been inculcated with the opinions of those evil beings who think this poor display of non-music passes for anything remotely near a classic. shameful. avoid this one.

Why this album is so popular will always be a mystery to me. I guess if you take a lot of drugs anything will sound good. The lyrics are meaningless, the songs drone like, the production very dated. Don’t waste your money.

See? I only gave it one star – now I can hang with the cool kids! I admit, I’ve only heard “Money” on my dad’s car radio – but that’s enough to know dis hole Floyd-think is mid-20th century. You dino’s need to listen to some Future Bible Heroes – they will be remembered many months from now. This Dark Side is just a retro-fad. Ever see that flik with the rich guy who’s in love with his little sled? Like, the same number of people who remember that will remember DS 6 months from now! Ps: Schaumburg is sooo boring – get me out of here!

Hello I was told this CD would rock by a friend but instead I find it overwhelmingly sleep-inducing. yeah that’s right that’s my entitled opinion,
I must give a one-hands-down to the previous reviewer that this platter is also ‘quite something else’ as he puts it:

1/ the feeling of a circus or theater performance is obvious
2/ also it has the atmosphere of social awareness
3/ Know Deepak Chopra? This CD has the touch of self-help-programme audiocassettes.

Mix these and this is what you get.
Therefore I would call this Cd a triple conjunction.

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Daily Dose of Ingersoll

The man who gives money to a judge or juror for a decision or
verdict is guilty of a crime. Why? Because he induces the judge,
the juror, to decide, not according to the law, to the facts, the
right, but according to the bribe.

The bribe is not evidence.

So, the promise of Christ to reward those who will believe is
a bribe. It is an attempt to make a promise take the place of
evidence. He who says that he believes, and does this for the sake
of the reward, corrupts his soul.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Truth” (1897)