‘In 3 weeks I will be put to my death’

From the Toronto Sun:

A Mississauga woman says she’ll be the victim of an honour killing by her estranged husband, a Muslim extremist, when she’s deported to Pakistan at the end of the month.

Roohi Tabassum, 44, says Faisal Javed, a businessman and Sunni community leader, will be waiting for her in their native Pakistan when she’s sent back on April 28.

She has to report to officials at Pearson airport on that date for the trip.

Tabassum said she’s received written threats from Javed, who’s outraged she’s employed in a Mississauga beauty salon where she styles the hair of women and men.

She said he’s furious she touches the hair of men and is suspicious she may have a boyfriend, which she strongly denies.

“In three weeks I will be put to my death,” she said at her Mississauga home. “There will be bloodshed that will go on and on.”

Her older brother, Arif, has vowed to retaliate against members of Javed’s family if she’s attacked, Tabassum said. They in turn will strike back, she said.

Tabassum was smuggled into Canada from the U.S. in 2001 and filed an unsuccessful refugee claim. An appeal also was unsuccessful.

Vatican Justice: Pedophiles Stay in the Church, While Priests Who Ordain Women Are Excommunicated

From AlterNet:

What happens if a Catholic priest molests children?

Usually, he’s protected by the Church hierarchy. Maybe he’ll eventually have his parish or diocese taken away, or be switched to another one — often after years of serial abuse. But there’s a good chance he’ll stay in the Church.

So what happens if a Catholic priest publicly supports ordaining women? Well, then he’s excommunicated on the double.

“Nearly 5,000 Catholic priests [in the U.S.] have sexually abused over 12,000 Catholic children…but they were not excommunicated,” says Father Roy Bourgeois, who faced the latter scenario after helping celebrate what the Vatican considers to be an illegitimate ordination mass in August 2008. Bourgeois, a Vietnam veteran with a Purple Heart who became a prominent peace activist, stood with the trailblazers of the female ordination movement in Lexington, Ky., to make Janice Sevre-Duszynska a Catholic priest.

For thumbing his nose at one of the most sacred tenets of the conservative hierarchy — that only men are worthy of the priesthood — Bourgeois was swiftly rebuked by the Vatican in a letter two months later, telling him he had 30 days to renounce his actions or face excommunication.

(via J-Walk)

Question of the Day

So like, why can’t christians (or is this just a catholic thing) eat meat today?

I hate to break it to my religious friends but fish is meat. It’s not a carrot with gills.

Oh, you can only eat white meat? Then why not chicken?

Oh, because it is meant to be a sacrifice? How horrible it must be to have to eat lobster and shrimp instead of steak.

Oh because it is tradition? So it’s ok to do something blindly because it’s what has always been done. Gotcha.