A Day in the Life of Neil Gaiman’s Assistant

Apparently it’s a lot like playing Zork.

Wake up. Drive to Boss’s House. Think to myself “way way to early” . Make tea. Get ready to wake Boss for an early morning conference call with editor. Attempt to wake Boss. Find what looks like a corpse. Remember Boss promised to have an ” Early Night” and wake upon the dawn like a lark, refreshed and ready for the day . Realize Boss has only been asleep for an hour or so.

Shake corpse. Corpse attempts speech. Corpse fails. Tea, I say, over and over, in conversational tones. Boss makes it to tea, which is bedside the bed, not a far leap for many, but a large one for Boss. Asks me to find the Last Big Contract for the Last Big Project but I am to smart for that trick. Wait until Boss is actually working thru morning e-mail until I leave the room.

Make more tea. Start to go thru the mail, which comes in a bucket sort of thing every morning. Throw away the junk. Bucket thing still full. Start to open the Mail and sort into piles. Important, Black and Whites of Comics in Progress, Galleys of Books in Progress, Case of Mangos ( look, if you want something from me, case of mangos gets that request right to the top ) contracts, requests for quotes , fan mail, gifts from fans and friends, Things From Editors, Publishers, and Studios, cd’s people have sent, and really odd things. ( see essay on Top 10 Things Never To Send Your Favorite Writer ) Notice one of the cd’s. Stop. Impressed. Love her work. Pop cd into the player. Ah, yes….