You Can’t Please Everyone – Citizen Kane

One star Amazon reviews of classic movies, music and literature. Today we take a look at Citizen Kane:

What does rosebaud mean? Citizen Kane starts out with Charles Foster Kanb dieing at the bigining. Then is goes on with newsreels all about his life, like what he did. This movie is very confusing and hard to follow and understand.Charles Foster Kane does not know how to love, infact he gets married twice and does not love his wife he just wants somebody to love him. All he cares about is his newspaper buisness and nothing else. Kane dies a lonly and unmissed man. If i were to rate this movie it would be a 2! It is a very weird and confusing film!!!

I love what one of the reviews below said about people not having to pretend to be smart to like Citizen Kane. I’m not pretending to be smart. I may be dumb but I know a good movie when I see one. This is not one of those.

I felt that this movie deserved less than a star, but I couldn’t put any fewer than one. I felt this because the movie was quite long and very uninteresting. It had no color and was uterly depressing. The camera angles were ok, but the acting really wasn’t too good. All the acters were always interupting themselves or each other and it just didn’t flow very well in my mind.

We really don’t need to pretend to be smart by liking Citizen Kane.

It’s just like “the Blair Witch Project.” A lot of people will watch Citizen Kane because of the hype and find themselves disappointed. It’s sad but true.

Citizen Kane was a real disappointment. Totally unoriginal plot, bad lighting, cheesy sets. Boring too. And gosh, what is with that Rose Bud thing? That was freaky!!! Woah dude!!! Anyway this movie was whack & mad boring cause you don’t even see the dude porkin’ the girl, and she isn’t even really hot anyway. It was a bummer too that it was in black and white and all the guys looked the same cause they all wore suits. The music was all weird and whack, yo. I didn’t like it. It didn’t have a good beat or dance rhythm section. But it was mad sweet, the dude’s crib, but he just be pacing around like, whassup? He should have had a mad party and had mad homies and sum real ladies up in that piece. I thought to my self how could u be so rich & be so messed up, yo?

What is everyone’s morbid fascination with this movie? I found it to be very boring and worthless. The acting is not good and the story is dull. I understand that Welles broke new ground with technology during the filming. So What? If it was not done by him it would of been done by someone. I give this movie zero stars and just to warn people not to waste their money on this flop.

I saw this movie and just about puked in my lap because it was so terrible! Go see the Da Vinci Code instead. Tom Hanks is ten times the actor Orson “Fatty McFat” Welles ever was!



It’s beyond any word to describe how bad Citizen Kane is. Having been heard the hype “the greatest film ever”, I decide to see and keep waiting for the good stuffs to come up but it never does. Don’t be a victim of this fraud!

Citizen Kane is absolutely excrutiating from start to finish. Obviously what they forgot to put in this film is ‘ENTERTAINMENT’.

This movie has the pacing of an elephant walking through quicksand. Orsen Welles is an okay actor, but he’s no Frank Stallone.

What they forgot to put in the DVD set is the documentary “The Hype Behind Citizen Kane”, which tells a story how this film unrighteously claims the title of the best American film. This movie is so boring and put audience throught a story of a man’s empty life that would only interest few people.

I can’t imagine if Citizen Kane is the best American film, what are the other American films like? What a nightmare!

I don’t understand this movie. WHy should we care if they’re eating people? They’re probably only the dregs of society anyway the bums and the welfare mothers. if they’re not doing anything they might as well be eaten.

This review will be short and sweet. Adding nothing new to the one star reviews, I simply say I laughed when this film was chosen as the greatest film in American History!

I couldn’t wait to get this movie, really thought I’d been missing something for years. Then I saw it, didn’t get it, didn’t like it, but forced my way through the entire movie. Maybe you intellectual, artsy types go for this, but give me Star Wars any day!

Ok for its’ time it might have been good because it did things never done before. I went in expecting the film to be brilliant, but it never started, it just kept on giving details all the way through.The basic idea that he was a man with lots of money who tried buy happiness but couldn’t is a fine idea to start off with. The film didn’t go any further in trying to challenge this idea are show the effects of this idea, it was just incredibly shallow and predictable. If people really want to watch films about what it is to be human watch almost any french film such as those of traffaut, and you will realise just how shallow Citizen Kane is

There is not much to tell about this movie except for the fact that it is the most overated movie of all time. It is remotely interesting, but if that is the best our country has to offer, then I think I would just stop watching movies.

After I watched Citizen Kane 2 days ago, I have to say that I agree with the negative reviews. It’s extremely boring. The story is really stupid, especially the ending. Anyway, I feel that he may have tried really hard to make this film good. Sadly it turns out a flop.

THis is one of the worst movies I’ve ever watched. It doesn’t matter if it has new camera angles, new techniques. The plot is plain horrible, the narrative is boring, lazy and slow. I can’t figure out why the so-called critics say this is “the best movie of all times” ! They must be joking! The dialogues are terrible, acting is poor, image is old.I prefer Chaplin !

I just want to say that NOTHING, absolutely nothing in the world could make me sit through this travesty ever, ever again. It is mystifying to me, with all the great films out there that this piece of ponderous intellectualism would be voted as the number one film of all time. Obviously, there are many who agree with me. This is one of the worst films I have ever sat through and believe me …it took a lot. I dozed several times during the viewing and when I woke up had to back up to the places where I dozed off just to see if I had missed anything…..(I hadn’t). This is the most overrated picture I have ever seen and certainly not worthy to hold the title of “Best film ever made”. That is a laugh!! Needless to say, I sold mine for 12 bucks at used CD store.

This movie just drags on forever and I fell asleep watching it twice. It took me 3 nights to make it through the movie.

Yes I love Star Wars but I also throughly enjoyed Casablanca and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Those movies have stories and you actually care about the characters. I could have cared less what happened to Kane and in the end that is what matters to me. If I don’t care about the characters then in my opinion it is not a good movie.

This film chosen as AFIs best film ever???? What were they thinking?? Ignoring the cynical and sarcastic reviews here parodying the negative reviews, I think the opinions for a reviewer are that particular reviewers opinion ALONE. I respect those who have great appreciation for “ART FILMS” which Citizen Kane certainly is. I would never put down another reviewer just to cruelly make fun of them (insulting their intelligence, making them seem like they are morons just because they happen to find the film boring). This film is not everyone’s cup of tea. If it is yours, then wonderful!! If it is not, great. I’m in the category of people who appreciate great literary work (My favorite films are 1935’s “A Tale of Two Cities” by the great Charles Dickens and “The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck made in 1940. I have no use for modern movies of today. I prefer the Black and White Classics. But I am mystified by the AFI’s selection of Citizen Kane as the best film ever. An excellent movie will appeal universally… “The Wizard of Oz”, whose inspiring message and timeless values we are in need of today. Citizen Kane is not universally appealing. I will not apologize for the fact that it is indeed a real “sleeper” and I mean that literally……it puts me to sleep within the first 10 minutes of viewing.

This movie doesn’t deserve any praises. Honestly, the people who saw this movie should sue AFI for the hype they made. Citizen Kane was ultimate garbage in terms of entertainment. You will find that it hard to stay awake.

I had heard about how great this film was and that it was number 1 on the AFI’s greatest films list, so I finally rented this film from a library. What a letdown. There were a few good individual scenes and shots, but as a whole, the film wasn’t that great. The cinematography wasn’t very good either. If you want to see a good example of black and white cinematography, buy or rent Satyajit Ray’s “Pather Panchali”, “Jalsaghar”, or “Charulata”. Also, Vittorio de Sica’s “Bicycle Thief” and any Akira Kurosawa film. I am a fan of the classics, but CK didn’t appeal to me at all. There has been much, much better black and white photography, not to mention more entertaining.

I consider myself an analytical individual. If this film is for the intellectuals and analytically minded, then this analytical personality must be nine cents short of a dime in the cerebral department because I found this to be the most boring piece of schlock I have ever sat through in my entire life. So for those “intellectuals” who think they are better than everyone else just because they happen to like “Citizen Kane”, I’m proud to be an idiot who likes movies for escapism and not for analytical purposes.

I’m 45 years old. I have seen so many great films in my life. I think I’m old enough to know what film is good or bad. Who are those idiots calling Citizen Kane the best film ever made???? I wonder how many films those people have ever seen before saying such stupid things like that. It’s extreamely absurd.

I was browsing movies on the Internet for something best to watch, using reviews to decide if it might be worth my time or not. When the movie started, I already knew this one was a mistake. I sat through the whole thing patiently and in the end I felt very cheated out of a buck and a couple hours of my life I could of spent doing something else. The acting, characters, script, and plot were pathetic. The ending that people keep mentioning wasn’t a big deal at all. This movie was not artistic as some claim. It wasn’t entertaining. It was just a bad attempt at a boring story about newspaper tycoon. It’s one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

what Citizen Kane has been trying to do for several years is to convince people that it’s a good movie. But it fails miserably. They need to realize that it’s really hard to perfume poop. Citizen Kane never fails to stink.

The worst film of all time would be Plan 9 from Outer Space. Even Citizen Kane is more boring than Plan 9, tt doesn’t mean that it’s worse. It’s just one of those films people feel that they waste their time watching it.