Who Watched Watchmen?

I did. I’ve been reading a ton of reviews on it over the weekend and the most negative ones are complaining that the movie was too loyal to the comic using it as a storyboard to film the scenes. And although that is definitely true, I think that Zack Snyder would have been just as heavily criticized if he deviated at all from the book. (And he does of course but mostly due to time constraints. And the ending it quite different from the book’s ending although I really didn’t have a problem with the movie’s ending.)

Overall I thought it was a fine adaptation. Not great but I’m not sure how great it could be to people who have read the book. When you watch a film adapted from a novel, you already know the plot and characters and are basically watching an interpretation of it and comparing it to how you pictured events to have happened in your mind. With a graphic novel (Fuck you. I read it as a compilation which is a graphic novel. If I had read it as a serialized version I would have referred to it as a comic book. Get over it already) the story has already been visually interpreted for you. The only thing really left is to see how close the actors can look like the original drawings and breathe some kind of life into them. (I thought the actor who played Rorschach nailed it the best)

I’m curious as to how people who haven’t read the book will think about the movie.

What did you Cynics think?