Daily Dose of Ingersoll

We should remember that nothing happens but the natural. Back
of every suicide and every attempt to commit suicide is the natural
and efficient cause. Nothing happens by chance. In this world the
facts touch each other. There is no space between — no room for
chance. Given a certain heart and brain, certain conditions, and
suicide is the necessary result. If we wish to prevent suicide we
must change conditions. We must by education, by invention, by art,
by civilization, add to the value of the average life. We must
cultivate the brain and heart — do away with false pride and false
modesty. We must become generous enough to help our fellows without
degrading them. We must make industry — useful work of all kinds
— honorable. We must mingle a little affection with our charity —
a little fellowship. We should allow those who have sinned to
really reform. We should not think only of what the wicked have
done, but we should think of what we have wanted to do. People do
not hate the sick. Why should they despise the mentally weak — the
diseased in brain?

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Is Suicide a Sin?” (1894)