Man Complains About Buddhas At KC Zoo

From KCTV5:

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Zoo has received a complaint about Buddha statues in an Asian-themed area.

David Engle, of Overland Park, Kan., complained after visiting the zoo on Sunday. He said it’s “phenomenal to me” that the zoo would put up two smiling statues of Buddha when “we can’t have a cross or a nativity scene on public property.”

Engle, who said he is Christian, called the statues idolatry and “infuriating to God.”

How To Launder Money

From The Straight Dope:

Another common approach is to mix up nonkosher funds with the assets of a front company: any above-ground business that handles a lot of cash, such as a check-cashing service, travel agency, grocery store, car wash, or coin laundry. Alternatively, you might use a business with a hard-to-value inventory — precious metals, jewelry, antiques, art, etc. Since law enforcement can’t be sure how much money the business is supposed to have, the fake invoices or receipts you use to conceal your swag aren’t conspicuous.

As a variation on the phony-invoicing trick, you can arrange to purchase property well below market value and slip the cash difference to the seller. You then resell a few months later at the true value, getting that cash back as a perfectly legal profit — any capital gains tax is just the cost of doing business. The cash you gave the original seller is his problem.

The stock market is another good place to wash money. You invest small amounts of cash in the market, several times a day, through different brokerage firms. Brokers don’t routinely talk to each other, so multiple accounts with different firms won’t attract suspicion. If you use your front company to buy the stock, there’s yet another level of complexity for the investigators to try to unwind.

Daily Dose of Ingersoll

We should remember that nothing happens but the natural. Back
of every suicide and every attempt to commit suicide is the natural
and efficient cause. Nothing happens by chance. In this world the
facts touch each other. There is no space between — no room for
chance. Given a certain heart and brain, certain conditions, and
suicide is the necessary result. If we wish to prevent suicide we
must change conditions. We must by education, by invention, by art,
by civilization, add to the value of the average life. We must
cultivate the brain and heart — do away with false pride and false
modesty. We must become generous enough to help our fellows without
degrading them. We must make industry — useful work of all kinds
— honorable. We must mingle a little affection with our charity —
a little fellowship. We should allow those who have sinned to
really reform. We should not think only of what the wicked have
done, but we should think of what we have wanted to do. People do
not hate the sick. Why should they despise the mentally weak — the
diseased in brain?

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Is Suicide a Sin?” (1894)