Joe the Plumber Heads to Israel as a Reporter

(Not from The Onion):

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Joe The Plumber is putting down his wrenches and picking up a reporter’s notebook.

The Ohio man who became a household name during the presidential campaign says he is heading to Israel as a war correspondent for the conservative Web site

Samuel J. Wurzelbacher (WUR’-zuhl-bah-kur) says he’ll spend 10 days covering the fighting.

He tells WNWO-TV in Toledo that he wants to let Israel’s ”’Average Joes’ share their story.”

ADP Reports 693,000 Private-Sector Jobs Lost in December

From the Wall Street Journal:

Private sector jobs fell 693,000 in the U.S. in December, according to a revamped national employment report published Wednesday by payroll giant Automatic Data Processing Inc. and consultancy Macroeconomic Advisers.

That’s far higher than the 515,000 loss forecast in a Dow Jones Newswires survey.

The December ADP survey is the first to incorporate a major overhaul of the methodology, including new regressions. The changes were introduced because the ADP survey has underestimated the monthly number of job losses as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics since the recession began in December 2007.

For instance, under the old calculations, the ADP Survey showed a loss of 250,000 private-sector jobs in November. The new methodology shows a 476,000 job drop in November, closer to the 533,000 reported by the BLS.

The ADP survey tallies only private-sector jobs while the BLS data include government workers. Based on recent public-sector job growth, Wednesday’s ADP report suggests December nonfarm payrolls will show a loss of at least 650,000 when the BLS reports the data on Friday.

The new report showed businesses with 500 employees and more shed 91,000 jobs and medium-sized businesses lost 321,000 jobs in December. Small businesses that employ fewer than 50 workers cut 281,000 jobs.

Manufacturing employment dropped 120,000 in December, while service sector jobs fell 473,000.

Terror Experts Warn Next 9/11 Could Fall On Different Date

Always two steps ahead:

WASHINGTON—In an alarming development with wide-reaching implications for America’s safety, Department of Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff and CIA Director Michael Hayden issued a joint report Monday warning that the next 9/11 could in fact occur on a different date.

The report, based on intelligence gathered by field-agents, found that a future 9/11 might take place on an entirely new month and day, including 4/24, 6/13, or even 10/12. According to the report, the nation could realistically find itself in the midst of a 5/25 scenario, as well as a potential 3/14 situation in the months to come.

8/28, 6/19, and 11/7 were also cited as possible 9/11s.

Blurred Out: 51 Things You Aren’t Allowed to See on Google Maps


Depending on which feature you use, Google Maps offers a satellite view or a street-level view of tons of locations around the world. You can look up landmarks like the Pyramids of Egypt or the Great Wall of China, as well as more personal places, like your ex’s house. But for all of the places that Google Maps allows you to see, there are plenty of places that are off-limits. Whether it’s due to government restrictions, personal-privacy lawsuits or mistakes, Google Maps has slapped a “Prohibited” sign on the following 51 places.

(via Schneier on Security)