Question of the Day

What’s the most overrated book you’ve ever read?

My first response is to say Atlas Shrugged but people either love it or hate it so I’m not sure if that counts as being overrated. I’ll throw Freakonomics in as the most recent book I’ve read that I found overrated. And you?

Friday Guest Cat Blogging

From Flaming Atheist:

Hi Chris,

It’s been a while since I sent you an adoption cat and I haven’t seen too many Friday cat blogs so I can now take care of both at once. This is our new kitty Sasha who I had just brought out to the PetSmart outreach I caregive at on Friday – fell in love with her and we adopted her on Saturday. She’s already getting quite comfortable to her new lifestyle as queen of the house. Her new full pretentious/show name is Sasha Kittlesworth McTrouble-Maker the First, her ‘shelter’ name of Molly just didn’t fit.

How to make Bacon Soap From Actual Bacon

Unfortunately you’ll need to part with your precious bacon fat (which is terrific drizzled over ice cream) to make bacon soap.

How to Prepare Bacon Soap:
This recipe is a basic soap recipe.
• 7.5 parts bacon fat
• 1 part lye
• 2 parts water

A). Melt the bacon fat on the stove. Do not get it too hot (not boiling/sizzling – very dangerous).

B). Skim off any particles or debris that float to the surface of the melted bacon fat.

C). Pour the melted bacon fat through cloth or paper towels into a large clean metal can (see photo), this will further filter the bacon fat.

(Your move Mr. Carroll)

(via Serious Eats)