Hand Scanner or Mark of the Beast Detector?

From Alas, a Blog:

Longtime “Alas” community member Jake Squid sent me this. Jake’s workplace recently installed hand scanners, which replace the old punch-card system for workers checking in and out of work. (The advantage for the company is, you can’t ask a friend to scan your hand for you).

The company that manufactures the hand-scanning system gave Jake’s employer this letter, to reproduce and distribute to their employees.

(Thanks Natalie)

Priest Wants Penance From Obama Voters

From WYFF4.com:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — A Greenville priest says that his parishioners should do penance if they voted for Barack Obama.

The Rev. Jay Scott Newman, priest at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, said that his congregants shouldn’t take Communion until they do penance for supporting “the most radical pro-abortion politician ever to serve in the United States Senate or to run for president.”

But Newman also said that church law doesn’t allow him to refuse parishioners the sacrament.

(via J-Walk)

What Sarah Palin didn’t know, as reported by Fox’s Carl Cameron

And I’m pretty sure we’re just scratching the surface of Palin’s ineptitude:

Cameron, the Fox beat reporter for the Republican presidential ticket, said he had been told by unnamed sources — and on the condition he not report the details during the campaign — that Palin could not name all of the countries that are part of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

He did not mention which one (or ones) she whiffed on, but there are only three: Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

Nor, according to Cameron, was Palin aware that Africa is a continent.


I apologize for posting something I found on Fox News as factual information:

It was among the juicier post-election recriminations: Fox News Channel quoted an unnamed McCain campaign figure as saying that Sarah Palin did not know that Africa was a continent.

Who would say such a thing? On Monday the answer popped up on a blog and popped out of the mouth of David Shuster, an MSNBC anchor. “Turns out it was Martin Eisenstadt, a McCain policy adviser, who has come forward today to identify himself as the source of the leaks,” Mr. Shuster said.

Trouble is, Martin Eisenstadt doesn’t exist. His blog does, but it’s a put-on. The think tank where he is a senior fellow — the Harding Institute for Freedom and Democracy — is just a Web site. The TV clips of him on YouTube are fakes.

And the claim of credit for the Africa anecdote is just the latest ruse by Eisenstadt, who turns out to be a very elaborate hoax that has been going on for months. MSNBC, which quickly corrected the mistake, has plenty of company in being taken in by an Eisenstadt hoax, including The New Republic and The Los Angeles Times.