More Election Day Stuff

LA Burdick in Harvard Square is selling chocolates heavy in favor of Obama. (Ok, this isn’t surprising.)

Nate wakes up to some interesting fliers in his lobby:

I thought you’d get a kick out of the massive amount of stupid I received in my lobby this morning. The person who put this stack of fliers probably hoped a history buff like myself was not the first out of the building today. I kept a couple for posterity and threw the rest out.

And Justin mailed his absentee ballot in:

Here are a few pics of my absentee ballot from Kentucky. I received it here in Japan about a month ago, so it’s not so much election day related, but it’s still electiontastic. Also, remind me to tell you about how humorously difficult it is to talk about the big “election” in a country where they can’t tell the difference between “r” and “l.” My classes lately are as comfortable as episodes of the British Office.