The Free Republic on Obama’s Grandmother Passing

Stay classy Freepers:

This the the Grandmother the Obomination repeatedly threw under the bus … and the family did NOT visist recently … . Michele and the kiddies stayed home while Obama and his lawyers went to Hawaii.

Is Ted Kennedy next for a sympathy vote?

I put nothing past the Oboma people when it comes to encouraging votes … even a “surprise” death …

i agree…how convenient,,,

she goes to hospital with a broken hip and comes out alright to go home

nearly two weeks later she dies of cancer

exactly which is it?

broken hip or cancer and when did she die exactly?

I’d bet her “death” was sped up. No where is there any mention of her having CANCER. I don’t trust this … .

This is just such *?>:”{P weird timing, it is hard not to have a conspiracy at least flit through the mind.

Like everything else in his sham campaign….

Oh, please. Granny’s been in cold storage for a couple weeks; they’ve been waiting to drag out the remains the day before the election. Hussein’s trip back to HI was probably to select the meat locker for storage.

Wellstone III?

They could not get Kenedy to kick the bucket so they need to find the martyrs where they can.

how many times did they mention his WHITE grandmother was WHITE?

May have succumbed to Broken Heart considering what a crack-head, lying, racist and America hater her zebra Grandson turned out to be. Undoubtedly, her daughter was even more of a low life. Ms. Madelyn was probably very sad in her later years.

Terminally ill cancer patients rarely die from the cancer itself.
It is not uncommon for their death to be planned and assisted, before the suffering become too unbearable.

There is no doubt that 0bama went to Hawaii to finalize such a planned terminal sedation for his grandmother, and decided on today as the day for her to pass on.

This may have been the first politically timed terminal sedation ever.

LOL!! I’m sorry folks. If indeed Barack Hussein Obama’s grandmother died, who among us didn’t see this coming? I think EVERYONE who posted on the “Obama to visit granny” threads said this would happen.

I usually don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories but this is just hilarious. He probably went back to Hawaii to make sure she held on just to die on Nov. 3.

What an evil individual.

I agree,that commie b@stard wouldn`t hesitate at anything,after all,he tossed her under the bus quick enough.

Well, now she won’t say anything about where he was born, will she.

Obama’s Grandmother Just Died

It’s always sad to lose a loved one but to lose the last person to raise you on the eve of what could be a historic election….

In a joint statement with his sister, the Democratic candidate announced the news that Madelyn Dunham had died peacefully after a battle with cancer.

He said: “She was the cornerstone of our family and a woman of extraordinary accomplishment, strength and humility.

“She was the person who encouraged and allowed us to take chances.”

Just over a week ago, the Illinois senator took a break from campaigning and flew to Hawaii to be with Mrs Dunham, who had helped raise him.