Author Khaled Hosseini on McCain/Palin’s Attacks on Obama

From the Washington Post:

I prefer to discuss politics through my novels, but I am truly dismayed these days. Twice last week alone, speakers at McCain-Palin rallies have referred to Sen. Barack Obama, with unveiled scorn, as Barack Hussein Obama.

Never mind that this evokes — and brazenly tries to resurrect — the unsavory, cruel days of our past that we thought we had left behind. Never mind that such jeers are deeply offensive to millions of peaceful, law-abiding Muslim Americans who must bear the unveiled charge, made by some supporters of Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin, that Obama’s middle name makes him someone to distrust — and, judging by some of the crowd reactions at these rallies, someone to persecute or even kill. As a secular Muslim, I too was offended. Obama’s middle name differs from my last name by only two vowels. Does the McCain-Palin campaign view me as a pariah too? Do McCain and Palin think there’s something wrong with my name?

Obama Sign in The Ozarks


A sign of the political times in the Ozarks has many questioning the message … And the source.

This billboard is on US 63 in the Howell County Community of West Plains. No one has claimed responsibility for putting up the sign, but Howell County democrats are upset at the image of Barack Obama in a turban.