How Movies Set in Public Schools Get It Wrong

From Rantings of an Arab Chick:

1. The actors are too fucking old. It just gets silly. I hear they’re doing a 90210 reunion series… Could have fooled me, I thought the original 90210 WAS a reunion show.

2. They throw far too many paper airplanes. I have yet to see any of my students actually even construct a rudimentary paper airplane, let alone aim one skillfully at the nerdy kid’s head.

3. There ARE no nerdy kids in the really nasty classes. The closest thing is the Goth kid who reads novels about suicidal anorexic girls who cut themselves. And set fire to things.

Mayor Closes Children Produce Stand for Lack of Permits

From Serious Eats:

Mayor Gregory Manning in Clayton, California is losing major credibility with kids right now. According to ABC News, he doesn’t think two young ladies, three-year old Katie Lewis and her eleven-year old sister Sabrina Lewis, should manage a street corner produce stand where they once sold surplus crops like zucchini and melon from their family’s garden. When the police recently showed up, they shuttered the stand for violating zoning and traffic laws, but this was only in response to one complaint from the mayor’s office.

“They may start out with a little card table selling a couple of things, but who’s to say what else they have,” warned Manning, who fears for a raucous future involving eggs and chicken sales.