Daily Dose of Ingersoll


Thousands of Christians have asked: How was it possible for
Christ and his apostles to deceive the people of Jerusalem? How
came the miracles to be believed? Who had the impudence to say that
lepers had been cleansed, and that the dead had been raised? How
could such impostors have escaped exposure?

I ask: How did Mohammed deceive the people of Mecca? How has
the Catholic Church imposed upon millions of people? Who can
account for the success of falsehood?

Millions of people are directly interested in the false. They
live by lying. To deceive is the business of their lives. Truth is
a cripple; lies have wings. It is almost impossible to overtake and
kill and bury a lie. If you do, some one will erect a monument over
the grave, and the lie is born again as an epitaph.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Truth of History” (1887)