Patrick emailed me with a question. I have no idea how to help him but perhaps somebody else can:

This is completely unrelated to your website but I thought you might be able to point me in the right direction hopefully.

One of my family members fell victim to a phishing scam and now is locked out of his Hotmail account. Everybody in his address book is now getting emails saying that he’s in Malaysia, needs money via Western Union, etc….all that shit.

MSN doesn’t seem to be getting back to him with the form that they have you fill out for such issues.

SO….is there any way at all that you know of that he can regain control of his Hotmail account? Any phone numbers we can call and talk to a live person at MSN to help him out and change his pword back? This is really freaking him out because he’s got some sensitive info on his emails.

Any advice you can give would surely help.