War in South Osetia – 89 Pictures Made by a Russian Soldier

(Some pictures are very graphic)
The pictures are from here but here is what one Redditor’s translation:

Presenting to your attention Arkady’s report from the war zone. Reminder that he went from Valdikavkaz to Djava and then to Tsivanhal. Was part of of assault on Zemo-Nikozi, then went with the batallion West towards Gori and while towards there came back on the helicopter with the wounded.

Short notes from Arkadi’s 4 days of war can be read at the link: http://www.navoine.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?t=111 [I ain’t translating that]

Right now we are displaying only the photos, in the September issue of Almanack “Art of War” will come out the entire material of Arkadi. Right now ask questions on the alamanack forum.

Big request, when you display them on the net, note that its not only the work of Arkadi Babchenko but they also belong to Almanack “Art of War” (http://www.navoine.ru). You’ll do a good job if more people find out about our Veteran submitted work.

We were thinking, should we display all photos, and decided no exception. Here you’ll see the war, exactly as it is.