Full Moon During a Debate

Here’s the background:

An argument between two debate coaches escalates into a war of words, each showering the other with a string of obscenities before an audience of seemingly unfazed students. Before long, one coach has mooned the other, and the video — posted to YouTube — continues recording the spectacle of two communication professors stomping their feet, flailing their arms and shouting at the top of their lungs.

The video, which has racked up over 11,000 views since Aug. 2, raises more questions than it answers, such as, What prompted the head of Fort Hays State University’s cross-examination debate team, Bill Shanahan, to drop his pants and expose his rear to his rhetorical opponent, the University of Pittsburgh debate director Shanara Reid-Brinkley? Why did it take almost six months for the video hit the Web? And what was the dispute about, anyway?

While neither professor could be reached, it appears that the argument involved teams’ ability to “strike” judges they believe have historically given them lower scores. One of the teams struck a judge who was African American and female, Fort Hays State provost Larry Gould told a local station, “and that set the thing off.” While it’s unclear who started the ruckus, the video begins with an off-screen Shanahan, apparently responding to facial expressions from the off-screen Reid-Brinkley, asking rhetorically, “Is this bullshit, Shanara? Is this bullshit?”

(Thanks Ross)