Views of Jupiter

From The Big Picture:

Jupiter is in the news again, this time because its “Baby Red Spot” – a storm less than a year old – appears to have been swallowed up by the massive storm known as the Great Red Spot. This is good occasion to share some of the best photographs of Jupiter and its larger system of rings and moons, as seen by various probes and telescopes over the past 30 years.

Zimbabwe to Release 500 Billion Dollar Bank Note

From the Zimbabwe Independent:

CASH shortages worsened further this week amid speculation that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe was working on plans to introduce yet another higher denomination agro-bearers’ cheque.

Businessdigest understands that the RBZ is finalising the introduction of a $500 billion note which is equal to less than US$4, barely a week after introducing a new $100 billion note.

The $100 billion note joined a family of bearer notes with the imprint “Special Agro Cheque” in the $5 billion, $25 billion and $50 billion denominations.

But with the highest denomination note hardly enough to afford — for Zimbabwe’s shrinking working class — a trip to and from work using public transport, most Zimbabweans see nothing special about the so-called agro-cheques. The RBZ has however ordered banks to give special dispensation to uniformed forces to withdraw $1 trillion daily.

The $500 billion bearer cheque is likely to be introduced next week or early August.

It comes at a time when the RBZ continues to limit cash withdrawals for individuals and corporates.

Corporates and individuals are allowed to withdraw only $100 billion daily, which is barely enough to buy a single candle in a country where frequent power cuts are the norm.

I feel like a cheapskate now giving out only 10 million the other day.