Question of the Day

In case you missed it earlier this week, I asked for readers to submit screenshots of their computers’ desktops. There was such a great response that I thought I would post this at the top for the weekend.

What does your computer’s desktop look like? Send me a screenshot of it and I’ll post it tomorrow.

Here’s a screenshot of my desktop which I try to keep uncluttered. The wallpaper is from a pic I took while staying in Vegas.

Ok Cynics. Let’s see some desktops.


Thanks to everyone who submitted a pic. I’m closing it to any new submissions but you’re more than welcome to put a link in the comments to a screenshot of your desktop.

Plenty of readers’ desktops after the jump:


Click on the picture for a larger version.

Here’s Gerry’s from

From MangaWitch:

From Matt E:

From :

From Mark:

From MadFox:

From Matt:

From John D.:

From Nina:

From Trace:

From Sylvía:

From SteveO

From Parker

From Ben:

This is a picture I drew in Photoshop while on a long phone call.

From Jody:

From Flaming Atheist:

From AeC:

From David R.:

From John R.:

From Ben Wendt:

From Justin:

From Hunter:

From Eugene the Dancing Caveman:

From Phillip S.:

From Rossi:

From Giamaica:

From Martin:

From Laika:

From Jamie:

From Miss Poppy:

From The Bulldog:

From Gruggach:

From Andrew:

From RumorsDaily:

From Carlos:

From Bela:

From Syndam:

From Cybexvisine:

From Deepsea33:

From Piri:

From Niel:

From e r

From Jason: