Car Crashes Through a Diner

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Kenneth Mack Anderson had just finished dinner Wednesday and was reading the newspaper at the Coffee House on Oakwoods Road when a van blasted through the wall, knocking him out of his booth and pinning him against the counter.

“I’m really sore, but other than that I’m OK,” Anderson said yesterday.

Video-surveillance footage from inside the restaurant shows him sitting there at 8:16 p.m. in a booth in the smoking section. Suddenly glass and debris start flying, and Anderson is propelled eight feet sideways.

Trapped against the counter, he looks around, reaches down for his hat and puts it back on his head.

Three other diners crawled over the counter to get out. A woman stopped and helped Anderson, but he said he doesn’t know who she was.

Anderson, 61, was treated at Wilkes Regional Medical Center and released.

So was the driver, Mary Lou Lunsford Sheppard, 60.