Bush Administration Tries to Redefine Contraception as Abortion

That’s it. I’m off to bed before my head explodes:

The New York Times reports that the Bush Administration’s Department of Health and Human Services is drafting a rule that would place new restrictions on domestic family planning programs. While current law allows health care providers and professionals to refuse to provide abortions based on their religious beliefs, this provision would threaten the funding of organizations and health facilities if they do not hire people who would refuse to provide birth control and defines abortion so broadly that it would include many types of birth control, including oral contraception.

Medical Manikins

From oobject.com:

Manikins (the alternate spelling, mannequin, is usually used for the store window variety) which are used for medical training are extremely interesting devices with accurate and working anatomical elements. This list is larger than usual since the number of interesting items meant that we kept on looking.

What are the Most Controversial SF/F Novels of the Past & Present?

From SF Signal (easily my favorite scifi blog on the net):

There’s plenty of recent controversy in the science fiction field, most of it having nothing to do with books themselves. So let’s put the controversy limelight back where it belongs. We asked a panel of esteemed guests the following question:

Q: Which science fiction or fantasy novels, past and present, do you consider to be the most controversial? Why?

Read their answers below…and tell us which ones you think are controversial.