Saying Goodbye at the Rapture Ready Board

J-Walk finds a thread on the Rapture Ready board called Anyone else find themselves saying “goodbye”??? where members sound like they are one comet away from checking out.

I have become increasingly listless and antsy, as though I am at a railroad station waiting for a train that is running way late. I need to continue to refocus on the here and now, which includes my evangelism. While so many non-believers are noticing the turmoil in this world right now–first and foremost the natural disasters–for the most part the have put their hands over their ears and are yelling “la, la, la” as to make sure they don’t hear anything. They can see, but the are too quick to attempt to rationalize. We have to keep on keeping on with our individual ministries, even when we are tired and despirited. We are all so ready to go home!

Same here. The desire’s that I used to have in this world are dropping off and the only person who I have my eyes set on is Jesus. The closer I get with Him, each day, the more I sense He is preparing me to leave this world and to be going home with Him. This has been going on for over a year now, but the decrease of my desires and cutting away anything of the world has really picked up speed in the last 6 months.

You’ve all expressed how I’m feeling. I am soooo ready to go home. I’ve been saying my “goodbyes”. I’ve been so focused on the rapture that I’ve even prayed and asked Jesus if it’s beneficial for me! I thought that maybe I should try to refocus and rethink my perspective. I haven’t received any indication that I should do anything differently. My heart’s desire is to get closer to Jesus, and I know that it is Him working in me! I believe that that is the answer to my prayer.

I think it is just a very small percentage of us beleivers that senses this feeling of His coming soon. I know I can’t even convince my family (all saved BTW, Praise God) that things are as close as I believe them to be.

My wife is worried about firewood for this winter and heating propane and I’m like “Yeah, whatever”.

we live in VA and I just went to Indiana and then to Denver and both times it seemed like I would not be back (hoing but sad that my son and his wife may not be saved) I don’t think they are but only God knows for sure

You know, I could not have said it better myself. It is exactly how I feel. I sometimes feel guilty about wishing every second for the Lord to come for us. It is not that I am unhappy – quite the contrary. God has blessed me with so much. I just feel like I need to be with Him. It is like I can’t stand being away from Him a second longer. I want to go Home.

It sure won’t matter to us what the gas prices will be next year!!