Chinese Earthquake Stories in Comic Form


As you know the breaking news of 5.12 Earthquake in China, almost all the TV channels in China are broadcasting 24 hours non-stop of every development and stories of all the rescue operations in all damaged locations.

I don’t know how much information the BBC or any UK media received from us, I imagine the UK audiences were presented with the major developments of the incident, but you are probably unaware of many important and inside details which are only known to people inside China.

The amount of incredibly moving stories of victims, rescuers, volunteers is simply shocking at the moment. I have been collecting newspapers of all the stories, and telling them in the form of comic strips. I hope these stories could show the UK readers the love, warmth and courage of the Chinese people, also the sad and cruel reality of the horrible 5.12 Earthquake.


Canned Bacon

From MRE Depot:

Each can is 9 ounces of fully cooked and drained bacon. Between 2-3/4 and 3-1/4 pounds of raw bacon go into each can. Each can is the highest quality fresh #1 bacon slices. Cured to our specifications, cooked and then hand wrapped, rolled and packed in the U.S.

We cook this bacon down for you prior to canning, so you won’t pay for all of the natural shrinkage that occurs whenever you cook bacon. Then we carefully drain all of the fat and liquid off and can it fresh so it will taste as good out of the can as it would right out of the refrigerator.

Top 10 Obscure But Superb Science Fiction Novels

From Listverse:

Sturgeon’s Law states that “90% of science fiction is shit — 90% of everything is shit” but, even though literally tons of crappy SF gets published every year, sometimes the absolute best gets shuffled into obscurity. Here, then, are ten novels that should have been elevated far above the stink of the heap… but somehow never got the buzz they deserve.

I’ve never heard of any of these. Looks like I’ll spend some time on Amazon tracking a few down.

An iMac in every room at Fontainebleau

From Prof’s Las Vegas News Blog:

Fontainebleau on the former Wet ‘n’ Wild site on the North Strip, has teamed with Apple Computer to have an iMac in every one of their almost 4,000 rooms.

And if Apple is also behind the technology architecture behind the resort, Apple would get their feet wet right on the Vegas Strip.

Already there’s an Apple store in the Town Square, with another store planned in the Forum Shoppes at Caesars Palace.