Daily Dose of Ingersoll


For my part I glory in the fact, that here in the New World, — in the United States, — liberty of conscience was first guaranteed to man, and that the Constitution of the United States was the first great decree entered in the high court of human equity forever divorcing church and state, — the first injunction granted against the interference of the ghosts. This was one of the grandest steps ever taken by the human race in the direction of Progress.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “The Ghosts” (1877)

Technology is Conspiring Against Me

Last week my host went kerflooey and I was unable to blog. This week, my cable AND internet connection at home is down. I called Comcast to say “WTF?” and they couldn’t fix the problem from the office (their official response to what was wrong was “Dunno”) and asked if anybody would be home this morning so that they could send out a tech. Mrs. C is in London until later tonight so we have to wait until Friday morning for Comcast to restore my opiate internet.

So how did I handle a night without net access?

  • I went to go update my netflix queue. D’oh!
  • I tried to go online to transfer money to a different account. D’oh, D’oh!
  • I tried to go online to my Yahoo! TV listings to see what was on TV. That was a double whammy.
  • I clicked on the reminder to update my iPod software where the dialog mocked me as it attempted to connect to an internet that didn’t exist.
  • I clicked on my email button more times than I wish to admit to before realizing that it was in vain.

I was about to write a blog post about it and thought I would outsmart my technical glitch by writing the post in MS Word. HA! My word processor still works despite having no tcp/ip connection. Victory is mine! I could just email the document to work and post it from there. It took me a bit to realize the flaw in that plan.

I spent the rest of the night huddled in a corner as my router scoffed at me while blinking the connection light in a gesture of futility.

There is no god.

The cable guy fixed it. It was unplugged from the outside. Who knows how that happened.
My shaking has ceased…for the moment.