Gore Vidal: Literary feuds, his ‘vicious’ mother and rumours of a secret love child

From The Independent:

“Norman Mailer?” [Vidal once characterised Mailer, Henry Miller and Charles Manson as brother chauvinists who should be collectively referred to as M3.]

“Mailer feuded with me. I knew Norman’s syndrome. If I was on the cover of Time and he wasn’t, my God he would be insulting me in the press. He couldn’t stop. He lived for his little swig of PR.”

“Truman Capote?”

“Capote I truly loathed. The way you might loathe an animal. A filthy animal that has found its way into the house.”

“What was Capote doing that you didn’t like?” “Lying,” Vidal shouts. “The one thing I hate most on this earth. Which is why I do not have a friendly time with journalists.”