My Dreamhost Woes Continue

I still have a domain hosted by Dreamhost. It’s just a personal one that I haven’t done anything with so all it has is a static index page saying coming soon. It’s been about 72 hours since has transferred and I’ve deleted all my files including the wordpress installation from Dreamhost. I opened a support ticket to get my personal domain downgraded from their “private server” to my regular plan (which is paid through September) and I got an email saying:

In order to cancel the
Private Server on your account, you will need to reduce your memory
utilization to under 150MB. Currently you’re peaking at 441MB, which is
far too much for shared hosting.

So even with every single one of my files deleted I’m still using up too much memory to be downgraded to shared hosting? Here’s a graph of my memory usage for the last 24 hours since I’ve deleted everything from my account:

On my new server where cynical-c abides where I received over 9,000 hits, not even counting hotlinkers, my memory usage was less than it currently is on my dreamhost private server which is an empty directory.

I’ve put in another support ticket alerting Dreamhost about this but it’s been a day now and still no response.

BTW, Dreamhost’s Private Servers charge by a sliding scale depending on how much memory you use. Hmmmmmm.