I’m Back

It looks like the nameservers are done filtering through the various pipes, tunnels and catacombs of the internet and I’m back online.

It will take me a few more days to fiddle with various options but at the moment everything is looking pretty good. For those who are curious, I switched from Dreamhost to Knownhost after several days of browsing various plans. There are more hosting companies than grains of sand on a beach so I did what everybody else does when faced with such a complex decision. Every time I found a hosting company that looked good, I would do a google search for “[name of hostingcompany] sucks”. Here are the results for Dreamhost sucks.

I found Knownhost at some point and did a google search for Knownhost sucks which surprisingly came up with nothing but praise for their VPS plans and how fast their tech support can be. I signed up for their Hybrid Server plan which was reasonably priced and offers much more than what I would have been paying if I stayed with Dreamhost and their VPS. I struggled a bit getting the server setup until I threw in the towel and filed a support ticket for help. Five minutes later my support ticket was answered with detailed instructions. I had various other questions and each ticket I opened was answered and closed within ten minutes.

Hopefully this will solve my server woes for quite some time. I’m working to get my email back up so if you’ve sent me emails during the last day and I haven’t responded it may be out in the aether. I also lost yesterday’s posts since I didn’t feel like doing yet another MySQL dump for three posts.

Thanks to everybody who helped with suggestions or gave their support.


Email is back up. I love it when a domain comes together. *chomps on cigar*