RIP Golden Gate Casino’s 99 Cent Shrimp Cocktail

We’re officially in a recession:

First the news about Tropicana, now the sad news that the 99-cent shrimp cocktail is a goner.

For almost 50 years, Golden Gate in downtown Las Vegas had been holding steady its delicious shrimp cocktail at a cost of only 99 cents. We always enjoyed picking up two whenever visiting, both of which were cheaper than the higher priced jumbo shrimp cocktail (pictured above).

Not anymore. Our beloved shrimp cocktail is now $1.99.

Vegetarianism of Adolf Hitler

A full wikipedia entry on Hitler’s diet:

In addition to his being a teetotaler and a non-smoker,[1] scholars agree that Adolf Hitler practiced some form of vegetarianism.[2] The vegetarianism of Adolf Hitler is thought to have been based on Richard Wagner’s anti-Semitic historical theories[3] which connected the future of Germany with vegetarianism.[4][5] Hitler believed that a vegetarian diet could both alleviate his personal health problems and spiritually regenerate the human race.[5] In spite of these beliefs, reports state that Hitler occasionally ate meat during the 1930s. While Hitler reduced his meat consumption, he may have not eliminated it entirely, with culinary accounts indicating a sporadic preference for sausage, squab, liver dumplings, ham, and caviar. As a result, many historians dispute the claim that Hitler was a vegetarian.