The You Suck at Photoshop Guys Revealed


Ready? Troy Hitch, 37, and Matt Bledsoe, 39 — the guys responsible for YSAP and its sequel — met a few years ago while producing a radio ad in Cincinnati, which is 10 minutes from Covington. Bledsoe was the ad’s creative director and Hitch, a polymath, was doing the voice-over (he’s also the voice of Donnie and a real Photoshop expert). They quickly became buddies, started writing funny bits together, and partnered up at a creative agency Hitch later started, Big Fat Institute.

Enter Rob Barnett, a show biz guy who had worked at MTV, VH1 and was president of CBS Radio. In 2006, Barnett had decided to become a web video impresario and was looking for someone to design his site. A friend suggested he look at a number of hot sites — including Big Fat Institute. “It was hysterical,” he recalled recently. “I was instantly engaged and emailed them ‘WHO are you?’ In 38 seconds, I get a response: ‘Who are YOU?’ We started flirting.” The email led to phone calls and an invitation to visit Barnett: “A few days later, they jumped on a plane to Newark and we fell in love.” The guys built Barnett’s website, MyDamnChannel, and started doing comedy videos for it. Maybe you’ve seen “Itty Bitty Liddy,” about a 6-inch-tall Gordon Liddy? Or Tim after Tim about, er, something else? Probably not.

Anyway, one night, they found themselves facing a deadline, with no content. They had long nurtured an idea for a character they thought of as “the Angry Photoshop Guy.” Explained Bledsoe: “We had both been in the agency business so long that after a while we’d seen every kind of person in the advertising world.” One of those stereotypes, he said, was the “insane designer, basically. He has horrible social skills and horrible things going on in his life and the only thing he has going for him is he can out-Photoshop the guy in the cube next to him.”